Wednesday 27 March 2013


These photographs were kindly sent to me from Paris, France by my friend, the artist, Gala G.
Gala is a believer and student of the paranormal, and took these pictures in the dining room at her home just before the 2012 Christmas Dinner.

Just prior to these being taken, she had meditated for 20 odd minutes, as during that year two people that shared that house had passed into spirit.

Could these faces be connected?

Gala hasn`t indicated this, as the faces are not specific in detail that could allow anyone to identify features, but they are extremely interesting captures.

But in the shrubs to the left of the below picture, I can see what looks to be part of a woman`s face in grey.(See photo at bottom).

My view?

While others could argue that these images are merely pareidolia, (constructs of the brain), I feel that there is something very spiritual taking place here. But as none of us were present, these are merely opinions based upon my own work in the field of paranormal research.

In this picture, I can see two faces in the shrub to the left, and one in the middle pane.

There was orb activity captured too.

Here, the two seen by Gala have been placed side by side.
I can see what looks like the eyes and mouth of a woman
And colour filters used


This is a weird one.
As you may remember, Jackass star Ryan Dunn drunkenly crashed his Porsche in West Goshen, Pennsylvania back in the summer of 2011, killing himself and his passenger.
And apparently, someone recovered some small parts from the crash and is attempting to sell them on Craigslist. tipped me to the posting, which comes from Philadelphia. It offers up the parts (small enough to fit inside a shoebox) for $300.(See ad here)
Apparently, the original collector doesn’t want them anymore – because they may be haunted.
“A week after the accident I went to the accident and scooped up minor parts I saw lying on the ground. The parts are all remotely tiny, and all fit in a shoebox. I don’t want them anymore because weird shit has happened since I put it under my bed. I guess it’s because it’s a weird thing to have, but I was a huge Jackass fan and thought it would be a cool something to have. If you want proof they are his parts, I have pictures of the crash site I took myself,” reads the ad.
We’ve tried to contact the poster and will let you know if we find anything else out. I guess you really can find anything on Craigslist.
Source: WebProNews

Tuesday 26 March 2013


Here is a much abridged short of the main night time investigation shared in the March edition of the Haunted Earth Show.
Hope you enjoy!


This is the video of my visit to the grounds of Borley Church in Essex.
The video was first shared in the March 2013 edition of the Haunted Earth Show, and is re-issued as a standalone for those who may have missed the full 55 minute show video.

I do hope that you enjoy and like on Youtube. And please do share!

Saturday 23 March 2013


Below is our featured presentation of the Haunted Earth Show for March 2013.

Beautiful but very spooky. Borley Church
This is a bumper edition as it contains two night investigations, plus a daytime special visit to explore the ghostly tales associated with Borley Church, Essex - the building so much associated with the now long gone Borley Rectory, and the controversial ghost investigator, Harry Price.

On the night investigations I report on video with the latest occurrences from my actively haunted home, and the ghost cat appears to be quite active in the master bedroom.

An ancient building once used by smugglers
But the most interesting is a return to the ancient church. This location never ceases to amaze me for light anomalies and e.v.p (electronic voice phenomena ).

On this visit we pick up some very good e.v.p, so good that one is crystal clear enough to understand exactly what is being said, and importantly the voice has a rural (country) Essex accent, which with the spread of  Thames Estuary accent, has made this voice a rarer sound in that part of the county.
On location at Borley - Chris Halton

The night in the church had a definite emphasis on communication. There were unusual smells, tapping noises from a table that supported some equipment, and in the case of a camcorder left to run on it`s own, a very loud tap to draw our attention.  Additionally, there was a crescent shaped light form that shot up from the ground and was observed by me and captured to camera.

But returning briefly to the e.v.p. The `thank you very much` occurred right at the very end of the investigation, just after I had delivered my final narrative to camera.  It was wholly apparent to Deanne and myself that the spiritual presences on this night wanted to join in.

Both e.v.p clips are directly below, and before the main show video for your own perusal. The first is very odd.

Revenue Men in action
The voice (linguistically at least) suggests to me something akin to a West Country accent, and reminds me of that of an old `sea dog` - or more correctly, a mariner.

The church was associated in the 17th and 18th century with smugglers, and the voice to my ears appears to be saying, `Try and trap it`.

I appreciate that our brains translate sounds differently, and the voice may represent another pareidolic interpretation for you.

Perhaps, (waxing lyrical for a moment) the voice may have been a smuggler, or even a `Revenue Man`, the forerunners of Customs and Excise, who in those dangerous times had the power to execute you on the spot if they found in the commission of a smuggling crime, and sadly they frequently did.

Whoever, or whatever he was, his voice was certainly very rich and interesting.

There is also a filmed report from the scene of a ghost legend, and a new spot to answer viewers questions.
If you have any questions relating to the paranormal and would like me to answer them, please contact me on Facebook  here

                                                            Show Itinerary

03:20 Investigation from a very haunted home. (paranormal night investigation)
10:45 Special onsite visit and report from Borley Church, Essex (documentary).
32:14 Ghost Story - Filmed onsite report on a ghostly tale.(mini documentary)
34:50 Viewers questions on the paranormal. (new feature)
42:19 Main investigation from a very ancient church. (paranormal night investigation)
55:06 End of show.

To click directly to any section,  visit video on Youtube and click the time link on the actual video page.
Finally, I hope you`ll show your appreciation for my time and effort by visiting the video on Youtube by either liking and/or commenting, 

Report: Chris Halton

Friday 22 March 2013


At Borley

Tomorrow night at 2200hrs (10pm) GMT, will be the launch of the Haunted Earth Show for March 2013.

This promises to be a great show, and has two night investigations plus a special report shot at Borley Church, Essex - not far from the now gone, Borley Rectory.

The two night investigations come from my own haunted home and the 1, 350 year old `Ancient Church`, out in the wilds of the Essex marshes.

Some great evp from both locations, and in the case of the church, two, class `A` samples that are amazingly impressive. 

Also, `Ghost Story` where I report on ghostly Essex stories from a haunted location, and a new question and answer feature on the paranormal.

Beautiful Borley Church

The Ancient Church

The show runs for 55 minutes, and will be available directly from this page.

Until then, here is a trailer for the show. I hope you all enjoy!

Chris Halton

Sunday 17 March 2013


Last night, (Saturday March 16th, 2013) myself and team member, Deanne attended one of our more interesting locations which is a 1,350 year old church on the edge of the Essex marshes.
The site is quite barren, save a few shrubs and tree`s, and faces directly into the North Sea.
Last time we picked up an unusual light anomaly, whereas on this occasion, the emphasis was on communication through, tapping on a camcorder, the sweet musty smell of an old fashioned perfume, and quite a bit of e.v.p (electronic voice phenomena).
The investigation will be included in the forthcoming March 2013 edition of the Haunted Earth Show, and segments will appear afterwards on a `Paranormal Short` video.
Here below are some interesting photographs taken from the church, plus a fascinating clip sharing some evp from the investigation.

Saturday 16 March 2013


The tsunami that engulfed northeastern Japan two years ago has left some survivors believing they are seeing ghosts.

In a society wary of admitting to mental problems, many are turning to exorcists for help.
Tales of spectral figures lined up at shops where now there is only rubble are what psychiatrists say is a reaction to fear after the March 11, 2011, the disaster in which nearly 19,000 people were killed.

“The places where people say they see ghosts are largely those areas completely swept away by the tsunami,” said Keizo Hara, a psychiatrist in the city of Ishinomaki, one of the areas worst-hit by the waves touched off by an offshore earthquake.

“We think phenomena like ghost sightings are perhaps a mental projection of the terror and worries associated with those places.”

Hara said post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) might only now be emerging in many people, and the country could be facing a wave of stress-related problems.

“It will take time for PTSD to emerge for many people in temporary housing for whom nothing has changed since the quake,” he said.

Shinichi Yamada escaped the waves that destroyed his home and later salvaged two Buddhist statues from the wreckage. But when he brought them back to the temporary housing where he lived, he said strange things began to happen.

His two children suddenly got sick and an inexplicable chill seemed to follow the family through the house, he said.

“A couple of times when I was lying in bed, I felt something walking across me, stepping across my chest,” Yamada told Reuters.

Many people in Japan hold on to ancient superstitions despite its ultra-modern image. Yamada, like many other people in the area, turned to exorcist Kansho Aizawa for help.
Aizawa, 56, dressed in a black sweater and trousers and with dangling pearl earrings, said in an interview in her home that she had seen numerous ghosts.

“There are headless ghosts, and some missing hands or legs. Others are completely cut in half,” she said. “People were killed in so many different ways during the disaster and they were left like that in limbo. So it takes a heavy toll on us, we see them as they were when they died.”

In some places destroyed by the tsunami, people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions queuing outside supermarkets which are now only rubble. Taxi drivers said they avoided the worst-hit districts for fear of picking up phantom passengers.

“At first, people came here wanting to find the bodies of their family members. Then they wanted to find out exactly how that person died, and if their spirit was at peace,” Aizawa said.
As time passed, people’s requests changed.

“They’ve started wanting to transmit their own messages to the dead,” Aizawa said.
Shinichi Yamada said life had improved since he put the two Buddhist statues in a shrine and prayed. He still believes the statues are haunted, but now thinks their spirits are at peace.

Source: Dawn.Com

My thoughts:

Following any major accident, war or disaster that involves the massive loss of human life, many people affected by it will suffer horrific nightmares, and occasionally hallucinations brought about by stress - PTSD.

These visions by survivors are no small event, and  there have been many reported. But the question remains, `Are these visions brought about by stress, or are they truly spiritual?`

My view is that perhaps a mixture of both. 

During `normal` PTSD incidents, the victim will re-live events and their subsequent human tragedies through nightmares. It isn`t often that they will see these people on a regular day to day basis in concious thought.

So to suggest that all are attributable to stress is clearly erroroneous. But sadly,  if one case is proven through PTSD, then the `sceptics` will insist that they all be labelled as `PTSD events`. Which in truth is actually burying a problem rather than attempting to clear it.

But we will see in time whether any of the alleged hallucinations can be captured on video or audio.

Sunday 10 March 2013


Last month, and indeed during the January 2013 edition of the Haunted Earth Show, I shared electronic voice phenomena in my home of a cat purring.
On the earlier examples, it was recorded within one room that serves as an Art Deco museum.
The cat purring has now been captured in the master bedroom - a room shared previously because of it`s hyperactivity with other spiritual phenomena.
Here is a very short clip of that event.
The full version will appear in the March show.


Preparing the `ghost bride`

Four Chinese men are facing more than 2 years in prison for digging up female corpses and selling them for ghost marriages, an ancient ritual of burying newly deceased women alongside dead bachelors so that they can accompany each other in their afterlives, according to the state-run newspaper China Daily.

According to the report, the men have been digging up graves in coal-rich Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces since 2011. They reportedly washed the corpses and fabricated hospital documents to push up the prices. The thieves allegedly made almost $40,000 off the 10 stolen corpses before being caught.

The practice of ghost marriage, which may date as far back as 17th century B.C., is rare in modern China. According to the Telegraph, Mao Zedong tried to eliminate the custom after he assumed power in 1949. But some rural families in northern China still try to find spouses for their deceased children out of fear that the ghosts will otherwise come back to haunt them.

According to the state-run Global Times, a female corpse may fetch as much as $21,000 on the black market. Sometimes families head straight to the hospital and seal the deal for a female body themselves. They then find a matchmaker who would choose an auspicious day for the marriage, which involves giving paper dowries that are later burned in front of the graves and holding sumptuous feasts.

This is not the first time authorities have punished the sale of ghost brides. In 2009, police arrested five men for exhuming the grave of a teenage girl who had committed suicide. A father who lost his son in a car crash agreed to pay more than $4,000 for the corpse bride. Two years earlier, a man was arrested for killing and selling six women, according to the Telegraph.

Friday 1 March 2013


One of the more interesting buildings for paranormal investigations has to be current or former police stations and offices.
I actually reside in a well attested haunted former police office, and in my working life as a police officer I have had my share of spooky incidents inside these buildings.

Why are they so haunted?

Imagine the years of drama and sadness, and there you have one good reason. Also add those that have also died whilst in police custody, and there you have every opportunity to catch a ghost or experience something paranormal.

The Homestead Police Office
One particular police facility that comes to mind for recorded paranormal activity is that of Old Homestead Police Station, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA.

In 2008, the station was featured by Post Gazette, and they shared some EVP from an investigation inside the building by Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society.

Here is a video made by CNN at the time. Below that are examples of EVP captured there.

Click any of the below links to hear recorded EVP. I cannot get access to any video recorded by this group.

A door closes in the empty cockloft space, and a voice is heard to say, "Hey Sam."

 First a faint scream, followed by a voice that utters one unintelligible phrase and what appears to be, "Show yourself," in an empty basement.

 Footsteps and a door slam are heard in the empty cockloft space.

 A door slams. The recorder was left running in an empty cockloft space.

When the Police Office was a Post Office

Here is a news report from Post Gazette at this time (2008):

Vicci Kenna, a secretary for the Homestead Police Department, is going to spend a lot more time looking over her shoulder in the future, and it's not criminals she's worried about.

Mrs. Kenna listened along with police officers and staff yesterday as members of the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society offered audio and video evidence that something strange is going on inside the building that houses the police station.

"I'm going to be waiting for taps on my shoulder when I'm typing," Mrs. Kenna said, after hearing that one of the paranormal investigators reported feeling a tap while in the building's attic during the Feb. 23 investigation. No one else was in the area.

What will happen if Mrs. Kenna gets tapped?
"They will probably have to call an ambulance for me," she said.

While Mrs. Kenna was feeling spooked, other staffers and officers felt vindicated. They have been reporting strange incidents for several years, including the sound of doors slamming and footsteps when no one was around.

There also were chilling tales about an electric typewriter turning itself on and starting to type while staffers were holding a meeting and a broken sidewalk cleaner turning itself on without any key in the ignition about two months ago.

As the reports became more frequent, Homestead police Chief Jeffrey DeSimone, who has not experienced any of the unusual happenings, allowed his officers to call members of the paranormal society to investigate. They set up shop in the building, under the chief's supervision, on the night of Feb. 23.

The police station is in the former Homestead Post Office at Amity and East Ninth streets, a building that is owned by Allegheny County.

Yesterday, society founder Tonya Boff of Green Tree and four other members of her group played audio recordings of noises they said were not caused by the society's investigators. She said it was the first investigation in about a year in which group members felt they had documented evidence of a possible haunting.

The first sounded like a scream and was picked up in the basement. The second recording, made in the attic, was of a door slamming, then a voice heard to say "Hey, Sam," then a louder slamming of a door.

They also played a video clip showing a video camera cord, which had been taped to the ceiling of the basement, appear to fly loose and sway back and forth.

"It's not like a simple fall. It's like someone pulled it down," said Shawn McIntyre of Reserve, an investigator with the paranormal society.

No one was in the basement at the time, but group members saw it because they were upstairs monitoring cameras in the basement.

A second video clip is of a shadow moving from right to left behind a window in an area once used to collect traffic fines. Officers who use a nearby entrance have reported a feeling that they are being watched as they walk by the window, Chief DeSimone said.

The video and audio clips were taken from 24 hours of video and 100 hours of audio recordings the group made in its investigation.

In addition, Mrs. Boff said she and another member of her group heard a door open and footsteps across the first floor the night of the investigation. No one appeared.

That's been a frequent complaint of those who work in the building.
She also said a group member in the attic reported being tapped on the shoulder and "having a hand pull her hair up."

Mrs. Boff said it appears the haunting of the building is "residual," which means it is in the background of the activity occurring there and not interactive with people who work there.
The staff won't have to put up with the alleged spirits much longer, as the borough is building a new station that is expected to be completed within a year.

Mayor Betty Esper, a skeptic since she's had no personal spooky experiences, made light of the situation after yesterday's report. Referring to the broken sidewalk cleaner that allegedly turned itself on, she said, "We have cleanup next week and I wish you could get that damned mower working again."