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IF you thought the job of a police officer is all about catching the crooks and preventing crime, then think again.

For police are often called to tackle disturbances of a slightly more ‘supernatural’ ilk than your average burglary or bar brawl.

Beds Police have revealed a bizarre list of nearly 40 reports of sightings of UFOs, ghosts, goblins and vampires in the last six years.

The force released details of 39 calls made to its call centre operators since 2006 from its own “X-files” following a Freedom of Information request.

Among the calls logged is one from a Bedfordshire resident claiming that his neighbours are invisible and have been stealing from his flat while another states that there are zombies in his house.

Another called to report strange goings on after claiming to have only six cigarettes left when she had earlier had 15, while one caller wanted officers to help get rid of a ghost called Greg that had been haunting her house for the previous three years and ‘banging around’ every time she wanted to go to sleep.

Among the 13 UFO-related calls was one from a resident concerned that the earth was being invaded by aliens after spotting seven lights in the sky.

And proving that it’s not just police that encounter the supernatural in the course of their duties, a paramedic called for police back-up after encountering a patient rolling around in the middle of the road accusing him of being a ghost.

A spokesman for Beds Police said: “We believe the majority of these were either hoax callers or recorded during the Halloween period about nuisance behaviour.

“Each call has been dealt with on a case by case basis and resourced accordingly.

“Nuisance behaviour is a problem around the Halloween period and can have a detrimental effect on a person’s quality of life. This type of behaviour is cracked down on as it is often the elderly and vulnerable within communities that suffer.

“Anyone caught making hoax calls to the emergency services is dealt with robustly and on occasion they could face a court of law. Anyone who persistently causes nuisance behaviour could also be the subject of a anti social behaviour order.

“Anyone who makes a hoax call is wasting the time of the emergency services who could be dealing with a real emergency where lives could be in danger and also wasting public money. Our advice to hoax callers is simple – don’t make these calls as the police will deal with you through the courts and you could end up with a criminal record which will impact on the rest of your life.”



ASSAULTS by ghosts, visits from vampires and thefts by witches... These are just a handful of the supernatural incidents reported to North Wales Police within the last five years.

The force revealed it has been called to deal with incidents involving ghosts, vampires and witches – but has moved to assure residents that “no reports of demons, werewolves, wizards or zombies” have been received.

One distressed caller told officers they were possessed by a ghost, while another believed they were a vampire.

Out of 41 incidents, nine rang 999 to report ghosts in their house, five reported witches and one claimed to be sharing their home with a vampire.

Four separate spirit sightings were recorded, while mischievous ghosts and witches were alleged to be responsible for three assaults and a theft.

And two callers believed they were being pursued by witches, while one reported being “surrounded by witches and vampires”.

The force also received 13 calls reporting UFO sightings between 2004 and 2011.

The last recorded incident, revealed in response to a Freedom of Information request, was in Conwy last year, when a caller reported seeing an object directly above their house which they described as “a huge light with glowing green triangles at the back”.

Elfyn Roberts, co-owner of North Wales-based company Supernatural Activity, said people who experience ghostly incidents are often afraid to seek help.

He added: “It is quite unusual for people to report supernatural activity like this to the police, or to anyone.

“Often when people report these kinds of incidents to us, it takes a lot of persuasion on our part before they will agree to let us investigate because they are worried about the consequences and making the problem worse.

“Our advice to anyone who experiences an unexplained incident is to get in touch with people who have professional expertise.”



The ghosts of a couple who died at the Bukit Timah railway two years ago have been spotted!

Many Singaporeans have been flocking to the defunct railway to take photos as mementos, and two people have on separate occasions encountered a ghostly couple. Both times, the ghostly couple was seen at night and at the same spot where they died after being hit by a train two years ago.

This ghostly photo was submitted by photography enthusiast Liao Ting Yao (age 27).

According to Liao, he had visited the train tracks to take photos on the last day that the train station was open to the public, on 17 July. He had lingered till the wee hours in the morning of 18 July, and took a photo of the train tracks.

What showed up in his photo astonished him. In it was a couple sitting on the tracks, when he clearly did not see anyone when he took the photo.

On a separate occasion, Lianhe Wanbao reporter Zheng Jia Xin had visited the train tracks at night and saw a couple sitting on the tracks. When she took a photo, the couple was no where to be seen in the picture.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Here is a special compilation of the best paranormal activity from the most haunted building in England over the last 5 years - The Airfield.
This video contains ghostly anomalies and EVP captured inside the Bunker and Nissen huts.
Hope you enjoy and like accordingly:)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


PHANTOM footsteps and a spooky sigh sent shivers down the spine of a Tamworth Castle guide when she arrived for work on Friday morning.

As Rachel Wanklyn put her key in the ancient door of the castle, she had assumed that another member of staff was already inside – and was shocked to find the castle completely empty.

She told the Herald: “I had just reached the door and I heard footsteps, the footsteps of a woman in heels. Then there was a long sigh. I said: ‘hello, hello!’ as I unlocked the door, expecting to find another member of staff there, but the castle was empty.

“My colleagues have all had ghostly experiences in the castle, but I’ve worked here for seven years and I’ve never seen anything and I’ve always been a bit sceptical.

“You do hear bumps and creaks which you expect in an old building, but this was the stone part of the building, so you don’t expect to hear anything.

“It was definitely a woman, it was the clip clop of heels and the sigh of a woman. I’m not sure I’d believe in a ghost unless I saw it standing in front of me, but there is no explanation for what I heard,” she added.

The two best-known ghosts of Tamworth Castle are the ‘Grey Lady’ and the ‘White Lady’.

Legend has it that the “Grey Lady” is St Editha, who appeared one fateful night to a cold-hearted Lord Robert Marmion and quite literally paralysed him with terror.

St Editha had founded a convent of nuns in Tamworth, but they found no favour with Lord Marmion, who turned them out of Tamworth and caused them to flee from Polesworth when they sought refuge there.

Appearing in her grey nun’s habit before Lord Marmion and striking him with her crozier, the ghost of St Editha promised that he would be lame for life unless he reversed his cruelty and restore the convents.

Terrified of the vision, he sent messengers beseeching the nuns to return – and his health was restored.

The other ghost, known as the White Lady, is said to watch from the battlements of the castle – from where in life, according to the legend, she witnessed the death of her lover, wicked knight of the Round Table, Sir Tarquin.

By all accounts she had been brought to Tamworth, hotly pursued by Sir Launcelot, who vanquished Tarquin in a fight in Lady Meadow.

High above the scene, the grieving lady wept from the battlements and to this day, still mourns for her lost love.

Photograph taken on 1949 Ghost Hunt of figure walking down haunted stairs.

Further reading:

An article in a local newspaper in 1999 sparked an interest in the ghosts at Tamworth Caste. An employee of the castle commented that she experiences something weird on a daily basis that is unexplainable. One evening, she was asked to return to the castle to allow an engineer in to reset the alarm system that was probably disturbed by gusts of wind and to ensure no one was robbing the place.

She entered the castle and proceeded to wait in the reception area for the engineer. She waited for around 30 minutes and then began to hear strange noises in the room above her. She described it like "it sounded like some of the heavy furniture in the room upstairs scrapping across the floor". She started feeling overwhelming presence and felt as if she did not belong there. She jolted out the castle door to run into the engineer. He seemed quite surprised that it was her that he was meeting. He explained that just a few seconds prior to her running out the door, he had seen a figure in the upstairs window. The room in which he saw the figure was the Ferrers Room, which is the room where she had heard the furniture being moved around.

Two other staff members recalled an early morning apparition when opening up for the day. One walked into the Tamworth Story exhibition to be abruptly struck in the face and blinded for a few seconds, as the other staff member walked in to see why she was bent over and wiping her eyes, a blue mist swirled around the room and vanished out the window.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The Haunted Bunker & Nissen Hut (30 years ago)

Recently I returned to the haunted airfield during the day to capture some pictures of this lonely and isolated remnant of what was once part of Britain`s aerial defences during WW2.
Much of what you will see will disappear forever after September 2011 when the wreckers move in to achieve what the enemy failed to do, and that is to wipe the airfield from human memory.

Fortunately that for me and a few others, much of the airfield has been photographed and documented on video and still images to preserve this almost complete reminder of the darkest hours of European history.
Many American and British lives were lost flying from here, and after September, only their ghosts will remain, but not forgotten.

The Aircraft Hangar

This building has never been investigated by Haunted Earth due to the building remaining locked and under the control of an off-site company.

However, there is an activity present in the building and it has been rumoured that aircraft and engineers have been heard on certain nights carrying out spectral repairs to aircraft damaged during enemy action.

Click any image to enlarge and view

Buildings Around the Bunker Complex

The Command Centre Bunker


A pub’s name-change in honour of a north Norfolk village’s ghost brought haunting memories flooding back for Diane Berthelot.

Mrs Berthelot read about the re-launch of Worstead’s New Inn in the EDP and was thrilled when she saw it was to become The White Lady; celebrating the ghost said to appear in the nearby church every Christmas Eve.

One hot summer’s day 36 years ago, Mrs Berthelot believes she unwittingly had her photo taken with the White Lady while visiting the church.

While one early account of the ghost’s appearance ends in the witness’s death, Mrs Berthelot, of Hipperson Close, North Walsham, says her own experience was of a healing and peaceful spirit presence.

In 1830 a man is said to have climbed into the church belfry on Christmas Eve, boasting that he would kiss the White Lady if he saw her. When he failed to reappear, his friends followed and found him huddled and terrified. He managed to whisper “I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her,” before dying.

Mrs Berthelot, now 79, says she had never heard of the ghost when she, husband Peter and their 12-year-old son David visited the old weaving village of Worstead on Saturday August 2 1975, during one of their regular holidays in Norfolk from their then home in Essex, and went inside the church to escape the heat.

She had suffered ill health for some time and remembers that she was taking antibiotics for an infection and felt unwell that day. As her husband and son wandered round the empty church taking photos, Mrs Berthelot sat close to the font on a wooden bench and prayed for recovery, unaware that her husband had caught her on camera too. She remembers feeling warm, relaxed and at peace.

Months later, back in Essex, the family and their lodger Barbara decided to have a slide show and view their summer snaps for the first time. They were astounded when Barbara asked: “Who’s that sitting behind you Di?”

Mrs Berthelot said: “I looked up, saw the white figure and my feet started to ‘tingle’. This sensation eventually engulfing the whole of me. It was a pleasant, comforting feeling.”

The photo appears to show a woman dressed in light-coloured, old-fashioned clothes, with a bonnet, sitting on the bench directly behind Mrs Berthelot.

The following summer Mrs Berthelot says she went back to the church and showed the slide to the late Vicar of Worstead, Rev Pettit, who told them about the legend and said there was talk that the White Lady was a healer who appeared when there was sickness.

For many years Mrs Berthelot said she experienced the same tingling sensation whenever she looked at the photo, although this has since stopped.

“I’ve been back to the church many times since but nothing ever happened again,” she said.

Mrs Berthelot has now presented a copy of her photo to Dennis Gilligan, the new owner of Worstead’s pub, who decided on the name change after finding an ageing newspaper article about the White Lady when he moved into his own home in the village.

Mr Gilligan plans to frame and display Mrs Berthelot’s photo. He suspects the White Lady may have started drifting across to the pub since it was renamed as lights appear to turn themselves on and off without human intervention - and he was recently touched on the shoulder while alone in the cellars.

Source: Eastern Daily Press


It wasn’t just the distinct gunshot captured on a digital voice recorder, the heavy footsteps behind a locked door or the three misty images that appeared in the infrared video.

It was a combination of all the sights and sounds picked up by their electronic devices that convinced members of the Southern Paranormal Investigators Inc. the 128-year-old Historic Floyd County Courthouse is haunted.

“But we’re not trying to make you believe in ghosts or spirits,” SPI co-founder Barry Caudle told a group of about 30 employees gathered in the former courtroom Monday night for the “reveal” of the findings.

“We’re here to show you, and it’s up to you to believe or not to believe,” he said.

Tax Commissioner Kevin Payne spent nine hours — from 6 p.m. July 16 to 3 a.m. July 17 — in the courthouse with the investigative team. He was noncommittal about possible ghosts but said he witnessed some unexplained phenomena.

“I didn’t think it was from anything outside, and it wasn’t any of (the SPI team),” he said about three humanoid-shaped blurs recorded flitting across the face of a wall sign.

An Oct. 10, 1951, shooting in the courthouse lobby was the focus of some of the investigation.

Nellie Mae Bosworth, estranged wife of Rome barber Harry Bosworth, gunned down her rival, Eurcell Haney, during divorce proceedings. A jury later acquitted Mrs. Boswell because of her “mental torment.”

Caudle said the gunshot that showed up on a lobby recording and a tiny sound like “Nellie” that came in response to requests for identification could be connected with the crime.

There also were raspy sounds amid recording static that could have been the words “get down” and “run.” A rustling of chains was picked up near the old basement holding cell.

A few noises such as footsteps and loud banging were heard the night of the paranormal investigation, Caudle said, but most were evident only after the recordings were played back later.

Most of the audience left unconvinced, but intrigued by the presentation.

Mary Casey, amused and skeptical, said nothing was proven either way.

“I don’t know if the courthouse is haunted — but no, I’m not scared,” she said with a grin. “There are gargoyles around the outside of the building to protect us from evil ghosts.”

Caudle said SPI investigations at Chieftains Museum and Fort Norton on Jackson Hill turned up much more convincing manifestations.

“They really didn’t want us there at Fort Norton at all,” he said.

Monday, 25 July 2011


THERE have been ghostly goings-on at Cheltenham's Everyman Theatre.

Builder Walter Charnock was busy working on the theatre's restoration project when he felt a shadowy presence behind him.

On spinning around, he was amazed to see a dark figure leaning against the banister, less than 20 yards away.

As he looked closer, he saw it was a portly man dressed in a 1940s suit and tie.

The spectre stared at him for a full 30 seconds – then vanished as quickly as he had come.

Walter says he is 100 per cent certain he saw a ghost.

And he is calling on anyone who might know the story behind the eerie apparition to come forward.

"I know what I saw," he said. "You couldn't miss it. The figure was shrouded in darkness at first, but the longer I looked at him the more clearly defined he became. He was a big fellow – about 6ft 2in – and had a beard.

"I didn't want to upset him because he looked as if he could sort me out if he wanted to, so I stopped staring after a while and carried on with my work.

"Then, when I turned back, he had disappeared."

Built in 1891, the theatre has had more than its share of spooks over the years.

Superstitions among actors and backstage hands have often given a nod to the ghouls and phantoms inhabiting the building's dark recesses.

Walter, who lives in Gloucester, added: "There is obviously a lot of history in those walls. I'm not sure whether an accident took place in the past and one of the theatre workers fell to his death, but I would be interested to know.

"He wasn't in any way threatening. He was just watching me go about my business.

"It didn't scare me at all as I have seen ghosts before. But this is one I will never forget. It was amazing."

The £3 million refurbishment is entering its final weeks ahead of a grand reopening in September.

And whoever it was that startled Walter, he is sure to approve of the revamp, which will reflect architect Frank Matcham's original design.

Roger Hendry, who has run ghost tours at the theatre, said the building was home to countless spirits. Speaking to the Echo earlier this year, he said: "Theatre ghosts are always friendly and it's a pleasure to have them around."

Source: Gloucestershire Echo

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Here is our full investigation of the investigation inside the haunted airfield.
This has to be quite the most amazing investigation ever carried out by Haunted Earth in all the years of covering paranormal events.

For the first time we have evidence of a spiritual apparition captured on video in full body form and who a shortwhile afterwards actually attempts to make contact with us by tapping on the roof of a Nissen hut he was first captured in, and not just once, but three times!!

To view the entire sequence end to end, start from 19:57 with the ghost appearing briefly at 21:14 onwards.

Here is an abbrieviated video showing the ghost appearance more closely. This starts at 1:09

And here is a still of the ghost showing the figure more clearly.

Please spread the word and make this go viral as it has to be the best evidence ever of a ghost caught on camcorder.
Truly amazing!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


VILLISCA, Iowa (AP) — The owner of house in Villisca in southwest Iowa where eight people were bludgeoned to death with an ax in 1912 in a case that remains unsolved and is now the scene of many hauntings and paranormal investigations has died.

Darwin Linn' wife, Martha, says he died Friday at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. He was 74.

The Daily Nonpareil newspaper in Council Bluffs reported Linn's death on Monday. Funeral services are pending. A website for the "Villisca Ax Murder House" says tours of the home are suspended for the week.

Linn bought the house in 1994.

Josiah Moore and his wife, Sarah, and their four children and two neighbor girls were killed on June 10, 1912. The house has been featured in books and documentaries about hauntings, and is a popular spot for paranormal investigators.