Saturday, 16 May 2015


Here is a rather bland looking image shot on the London Underground of a fast approaching train on an empty platform at Queensway tube station, London.
As you can see the platform is empty, or is it?
This was shot recently at 11.30pm at night by a coach driver named Craig Cooper.
Craig was actually waiting outside the station with his coach when he went to the station to use the toilets. When he entered, he felt uncomfortable and especially on the platform that convinced him that someone was following .....
He took a photograph - presumably on his phone, and very faintly in the foreground you can see a figure with arms.

He quickly left the station after seeing this anomaly and later passed it to a friend, another coach driver called Trevor Tye who was kind enough to share it.

Before I share some more images to detail this apparition it is worth noting that the station has had quite a few suicides reported, and also a report in the 1980`s of a ghost seen on the platform waiting for a train.

If you look carefully, you can see that he/she is standing slightly sideways and forward, and there is a faint blur of a head. In a way, it almost looks like the apparition was posing for a photograph.

Here are some more images under different effects to try and enhance this image further.

Figure delineated in white

Quite who the ghost was in life, nobody can say. But if you are on this platform late at night on your own, you may not realise that you have the company of a lonely traveller.

Story: Chris Halton
Photograph: Craig Cooper (c)

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