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In paranormal circles, the best proof of  the existence of spiritual energy is undoubtedly a full manifestation of a person, animal, or even non-residual manifestations of mechanical objects such as horse drawn coaches, cars and even aeroplanes associated with what we term as `ghosts`.
The secondary proof, but sadly just as elusive is that of the work of poltergeists.

An historic example of poltergeist activity
Poltergeist is derived from German and literally means `noisy spirit`, and there are historically at least, many recorded instances of this phenomena which can range from small objects being elevated or thrown, to much more dangerous events consisting of many objects being thrown and trashed and even people being violently subjected to this unseen force.

I have personally only experienced this phenomena twice.
Once was on a hotel investigation in Yorkshire where a group of people were simultaneously pushed over on to the ground, and once in my own home with an egg cup being tossed.

Parapsychologists prefer to refer to this phenomena as, `recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis` or RSPK, as some argue that this phenomena may actually be driven by repressed anger or frustration of a living person.

A famous recorded example that would associate a living person to RSPK was undoubtedly the Rosenheim Poltergeist case in Rosenheim in southern Bavaria, in Germany.

From the summer 1967 to January 1968, office equipment of the lawyer Sigmund Adam allegedly operated itself, and local journalists, police, physicists, and engineers were all baffled to explain this phenomenon.

It was reported - and in front of many witnesses, that the lights in the office were reported to have turned themselves off and on again, telephones to have rung without anybody apparently calling (i. e. under the influence of a silent caller), photocopiers to have spilled their copier fluid, and desk drawers to have opened without being touched.

Post clerks installed instruments that recorded numerous phone calls which were never made. Within five weeks the instruments recorded roughly 600 calls to the speaking clock (often more than six per minute even though all the phones in the office were disabled and only Adam himself had the key required to enable them. In one 15-minute period the speaking clock had been called 46 times, sometimes at a rate that appeared impossible with the mechanical dialling system of 1967.

In October 1967 all light bulbs went out with a huge bang. Pictures were filmed rotating around their hooks, this being regarded the first filming of a psychokinetic process under convincing control. Moreover, a heavy filing cabinet is reported to have been pushed across the floor by some invisible force, as well as paranormal noises are said to have been heard.

Annemarie Schneider

The famous parapsychologist, Hans Bender was called in to investigate after all normal avenues of explanation had been exhausted. He concluded that during all of these events a 19 year old office secretary named Annemarie Schneider was always present, and suspected her to be an innocent victim of RSPK. This view was concurred by two physicists brought in from the Max Planck Institute, Friedbert Karger and Gerhard Zicha.

Bender was able to document on video how the lights immediately started to flicker once Ms. Schneider entered the office. It was claimed that a lampshade would swing violently when she walked beneath it.

This state of affairs continued until January 1968 when Ms Schneider left the employment of Herr Adam.


Ms Schneider could have been argued to have been, `a disturbed adolescent` and this is a common theme with a number of famous cases, the most infamous being `The Enfield Poltergeist` which can be reviewed by clicking this link here: THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST

However, not all incidents of poltergeists can be attributed to young people, and there have been many recorded incidents without the presence of such a person or indeed without the presence of anyone!

I think most of the labels applied to poltergeist activity are far too simplistic in their definition.
Other than RSPK, demon`s have been blamed, or (as in the case of some Youtube video sharers) obvious and persistent fraudulent activity.

My own view is that some people with emotional issues are a virtual open doorway to some more maelevolent entities who use their raw emotional energy to give them the power to generate this disturbed behaviour.

I also think that in more `gentler` cases, the activity is merely down to the `raw power` of a spiritual entity that draws on this energy from time to time - such as the odd physical push, stone throwing, or occasionally unexplained minor scratches or bite marks to the human body during an investigation.

Whatever the causes, this type of phenomena makes compulsive viewing when genuinely captured, and an entirely unique study for more serious researchers.


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