Tuesday, 3 April 2012


In this video purportedly from the Pentagon, a scientist discusses research into a vaccine called `The Fundamentalism Vaccine` (FunVax).
According to him, FunVax targets how certain people are predisposed to be religious fundamentalists because they have an aggressive VMAT 2 (God) gene which causes them to act on their beliefs in fanatical ways.
FunVax is described as "the vaccine for religious fundamentalism.” They believe this can be spread by a carrier flu virus and will stop religious terrorists from carrying out their `holy attacks` and make them into normal people with no desire to kill or maim.
The speaker adds,“The virus would immunise against this VMAT 2 gene and that would essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person, and we think that would have major effects in the Middle East,” states the speaker. .
So is it possible? Can be seperate the human soul from ourselves?  Or is this an `anti terrorist hoax` perpetrated by the U.S government or other party.
There is a growing scepticism to this video, primarily over the fact that scientists are now telling us that getting angry, upset and passionate is abnormal and needs to be “treated” through a fresh dose of pharmaceutical drugs and injections that will virtually lobotomise us into submissive compliance.
I personally think this is a well orchestrated hoax, as the moral and political ramifications of such a vaccine would be huge, and in effect would set religion against the state and Christianity against Islam.
Let us hope that this is nothing more than an Orwellian fantasy rather than a premise for the future.

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