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Red Lion Pub - Haunted
A RETIRED landlady claims she had a ghostly encounter with a 17th century soldier after a mysterious fire at her former pub.

Joan Hignett, 82, ran the Red Lion in Llansannan with her then husband Tom between 1983-87 and claims strange occurrences at the pub came to a head when she was face to face with a ghostly figure.

Joan, a great grandmother, now lives on Greenfield Road in Colwyn Bay and says she will never forget the day when she encountered what she believes was the spirit of a roundhead soldier.

The strange encounter occurred after years of Joan feeling watched and reporting strange sounds of footsteps in the kitchen.

After years of unusual occurrences an unexplained fire at the pub just before Christmas 1986 in the chimney led to firefighters uncovering an old priest hole.

Just months later Joan was opening up at around midday when she noticed a man at the bar. Joan said most of the man’s face was covered by his collar, while he was also wearing a strange hat.

Joan insists the man disappeared in a glance and did not have any available exit as all doors and windows were locked.

“When we first arrived at the pub I had a funny feeling, I felt as though I didn’t belong,” she said.

“I said to my husband I felt strange. I felt as though there was somebody else there. I heard footsteps in the kitchen on a couple of occasions when I was alone.

“Then we had a fire at the pub and the firefighters found a priest hole in the chimney, which was strange.

“A few months later I was opening up one morning when I just saw this black figure, he was about 5ft 10in to 6ft tall, had a collar covering most of his face and had a hat, like the Roundheads used to wear which later I thought was strange after the firemen found the priest hole.

“I asked him if I could help and then I turned around and he was gone. I checked the pub and all the windows and doors were locked; I was the only one there!”
Source: NorthWalesWeeklyNews
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