Friday, 20 April 2012


Here is a very weird and very interesting photograph submitted by Will Jacques.
The picture centres around an investigation carried out by Will and his paranormal group at a private house in Blackshear, Georgia, USA.

The occupants of the house a family consisting of a man and woman,with their adult son, and his two children, moved out because of the activity.
The children had previously reported seeing `monsters`, and during the actual investigation the son was scratched at a seance, a penny struck a girl, and the medium was pulled back violently by unseen hands.

The below photograph was taken in the living area with an Olympus 9000 without flash and shows to the left an ectoplasmic image of a figure that to me looks like it is wearing a shimmering full length dress and `posing` before the camera.
I have to say that this is an impressive image and no doubt is core to activity in the home.
Will can be contacted on Facebook by clicking his name = Will Jacques

Ghostly figure of a woman? - Copyright: Will Jacques
If you have any great photographs of ghostly figures etc, which were taken by you or your group, please contact me at Facebook. We would love to share and give you full accreditation.

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