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FROM vampire chases and alien attacks, to UFO and zombie sightings... these are just some of the spooky calls taken by North police forces.

Dozens of members of the public believe they have had a brush with the supernatural over the last five years.

The Sunday Sun can reveal the wacky calls received by forces in the region after a Freedom of Information Act request unearthed some ghostly goings-on.

Since 2007 more than 80 calls in relation to UFOs, aliens, zombies, vampires, ghosts and witches have been made to police by concerned members of the public.

One caller in Northumberland contacted police in October 2009 stating they could see eight witches on their roof, but officers noted this person as a ‘confused caller’ in their log.

Another caller contacted police in Newcastle in August 2009, saying the Queen, police and other Government and alien authorities were tampering with the electrics in their house and drawing their psychic brainwave powers out of their eyeballs, through a channel in their TV.

This call was ‘recorded for information’ by Northumbria Police.

In February 2010, one man even went so far as to call the police in Cleveland to say he was sharpening wooden sticks as he believed vampires were after him.

However, the majority of calls to police in regards to the supernatural revolved around aliens and UFO sightings, making up 43% of all recorded calls.

In Cumbria, numerous sightings of UFOs were made to police with one concerned caller reporting having seen an alien craft in August 2011 in Oughterside, Wigton.

In this incident a cylindrical flying object which seemed to hover and then disappear was reported just after 9pm and officers went to the scene to speak to the caller but could not uncover anything suspicious themselves.

At one incident at Harras Moor in Whitehaven on September 14, 2007, Cumbria Police contacted the coastguard and Carlisle Airport after a caller reporter what they believed was a UFO.

They said it was moving very quickly but there was no sound, it looked orange and as if there was something similar to a balloon trailing behind it.

Both the airport and coastguard said they had no ongoing events and there was no predicted meteor activity so the log was closed.

Callers’ supposed sightings of UFOs were put down as everything from suspected fireworks, to simple stars in the sky.

In Tyneside everything from alien attacks and supposed alien abductions have been reported to Northumbria Police over the past five years, with one caller from North Tyneside saying they had an alien inside their body.

Police have also received numerous spooky reports with 39% of supernatural calls relating to ghosts.

Suzanne Gill, renowned psychic and ghosthunter, said she has seen an increase in the past few years of people calling her to rid their homes of supernatural beings.

“I get a lot of phone calls from people who have called the police and the priest and tried other mediums before coming to me and I come in and get rid of everything,” said Suzanne, who has been in this line of work for more than 20 years.

“It is becoming a lot more common now. I just think that people are more aware of it, years ago it would be a case of put your head down and get on with it, but now people are opening up more towards it,” she said.

Police received numerous calls over the past five years from members of the public who claim to be haunted by ghosts and spirits with one man saying he was seeing the ghost of his dead neighbour.

Mum-of-two Suzanne, of Blaydon in Gateshead, said: “It makes sense, if people hear a noise and don’t know what it is they think someone has broken into their house so call the police.

“I would advise people to ring a medium or a priest instead.”

“I get a lot of phone calls from people who have called the police or priest.

Source: TheSundaySun
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