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Upper Clwyd Street in Ruthin - Days gone by
A FORMER Ruthin man is appealing for information about a ghost he saw 63 years ago.

Artist David Thorp says he saw the ghost of a young girl aged about six or seven with long blonde hair in ringlets in a ghost like form in 1949.

Mr Thorp was 16-years-old at the time and was walking down Upper Clwyd Street in Ruthin about 10.30pm when he became suddenly aware of the little girl walking up the hill.

“I was even more surprised to see that she was beautifully dressed in a full length
mauve silk dress with banding on the puffy sleeves and at the bottom of the dress, she had beautiful long blonde hair in ringlets, and in the light from the windows she glowed,” said Mr Thorp.

“I decided to stop and ask her where she was going as it was very late for a little girl to be walking about.

“At that moment, as I stopped all the hair on my body stood on end, as I realised that she was doing the impossible, she was walking on the gravel without making a sound,” he said.

The night Mr Thorp walked down towards the square and just passed the rear entrance to the former pub The Wine Vaults which is now a car park.

“I looked to see if I could see what kind of shoes she had on, and when I did so I saw by the light from the window that she was not actually touching the ground, and neither did she have a shadow.

“She did not look at me or acknowledge my presence, she just kept walking slowly up the hill. She was, of course, a ghost,” he added.

Many years after the experience Mr Thorp spoke to David Williams a local historian, who said he knew about the story of a ghost in Ruthin.

“Apparently, in the 1800's the pub on Castle Street called The Wine Vaults was a coaching Inn,” said Mr Thorp.

“It seems that one night the coach and horses was turning into the rear entrance and a little girl tried to get between the coach and the wall but it is believed the wheel of the coach crushed her against the wall and she was killed.

“According to David, she has often been seen walking up and down Upper Clwyd Street, nearly always at night,” Mr Thorp added.

There has been reportings of a little girl giggling in Ruthin Gaol on Clwyd Street, and several mediums have stated that there is a “happy little girl spirit” residing in the building.

Records show that there was a nine-year-old girl called Josephine, who is thought to be the daughter of a former prison governor in 1871.

Karen Messham, the administration officer for the museum, and who accompanies most paranormal investigations, has reported that she has heard the laughter more than once.

Mr Thorp is looking for more information about the girl he saw in Ruthin, and plans to paint a picture of her.

Source: DenbighshireFreePress

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