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Eastbury Manor was built in the 1570s by a wealthy merchant Clement Sisley.
According to a local legend, the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was first conceived at Eastbury.
The house fell into increasing dilapidation from the late 18th century. The Great Tower Staircase was demolished by 1814. Wooden flooring and original fireplaces were removed in the 1830s. By the late 19th century only the west wing of the house was habitable. In 1918 the house was bought by the National Trust and was restored.
Eastbury Manor House is now managed by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham but is a part of the National Trust. The House was given Grade I listed status in 1954. In recent years the house has benefitted from a major restoration programme.

Today, what was once an isolated manor house surrounded and protected by Essex marshland is now ill-fittingly sat in the middle of a mid 20th century housing estate surrounded by industry and commerce. A far cry from the days when Catholics met in secret to celebrate their faith without fear of persecution.

Ghostly History:

According to legend, the premises are haunted by a young girl often seen walking around in period clothing but only ever seen by women.
The house undoubtedly is haunted by many more spirits which are seen as light flashes and similar anomalous activity.
Eastbury Manor is sometimes open for `haunted evenings`, and a some years ago Haunted Earth attended and shot this very interesting clip of energy matter shooting across a ground floor room.

Also shot was a public seance which attracted a great deal of weird activity from above the table.

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