Saturday, 31 March 2012


Here is a short video shot in my own very actively haunted home. As you are aware, the house has generated some very weird light anomalies over the years, and more recently electrical appliances have turned themselves on, and ectoplasmic energy has been caught on video cam.
My home has a very active `portal` or doorway from spirit to this world, and generally the activity has been quite positive and pleasing. This can be evidenced by spiritual anomalies appearing when requested during any visit to the master bedroom which houses the core activity as the portal is located in that room.
Events now appear to be increasingly more proactive with door banging and opening as you will see on this video.

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More investigations soon. (See bonus photo links below video - all shot inside this very active room!)

Shadow form of man from entrance door to bedroom

Huge orb captured on the night the door was banged

Face captured on furniture on night door opened

Energy with `vapour trail`

Ecto-mist captured on Regency period chest of drawers

Close-up of above. You can clearly see paws or hands in the mist.

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