Friday, 6 April 2012


The Ancient Church - A forboding atmosphere at night
Here is another picture I want to share with you from our friends at Essex Ghost Hunting Team.
This was taken at the ancient church frequented often by Haunted Earth, and the scene of much activity in our videos.

Here is the photograph in it`s original form.

As you can see, there are two people visibly present. The lady on the right is a team member, whilst the figure moving in from the left is someone who wasn`t with the team and certainly wasn`t seen by the photographer or the team member.
 The photograph was examined by a photography expert who concluded that the lower part of the image was partially transparent and does not believe the image to have been manipulated digitally.
The image examined with a clear boxed area was returned to the group by the expert and is portrayed here:

Who is this phantom image?
Here is a much enlarged image of the figure. What the expert noticed was that the legs are virtually transparent at the bottom, and you can see a dark line from the building clearly passing through the figure`s legs.

Whoever this person was nobody knows. He appears to have a pony tail which no team member possesses and his clothing appears to be a heavy `bomber` type jacket and trousers.
Equally, the clothing might be much earlier than it appears.

The ancient church is alive with much paranormal activity. During the day the church feels warm and friendly, and that changes as it becomes dark.

From what appears warm and friendly very quickly becomes cold and sinister with much recorded Class `A` EVP and other strange anomalies.

Below is a short clip from me revealing this activity inside the church last year to my friend, Mary Freer.

And lastly, a day visit to the church which reveals some history and recorded activity captured at night.

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