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HER bedclothes are ripped off in the dead of night and her sitting-room cabinet has a tendency to spontaneously shake.

Now Canterbury pensioner Dorothy Crawford has called in the experts to put a stop to the ghostly goings-on that have blighted her life for 30 years.

The 68-year-old, who has experienced countless eerie occurrences at her home in Querns Road, has enlisted the help of city spook-seeker John Hippisley.

Although the pensioner is not frightened by the ghosts' apparent presence, she hopes Mr Hippisley will help her to uncover the reasons why these "spirits" have inhabited her home.

She explained: "I try not to be frightened of them. I'd like to know who they are and why they are here. Do they need help to move on? It's always bothered me."

Mrs Crawford, who lives alone, said she once saw the figure of a "very old woman" dressed in late-19th-century clothing miraculously appear in front of her.

She said: "I thought I was dreaming, but she was still there when I woke up. Then she just disappeared. I thought I was losing my mind."

On another occasion, she said her late father manifested before her with a white aura around his head, and appeared to be struggling to tell her something.

Three days later she received a phone call to tell her a friend had been found hanged, and has since linked the two incidents.

But Mrs Crawford is not the only one to experience supernatural stirrings in the property.

She said: "When my son was 16, he saw the figure of a man in black. On another occasion, he could feel something pushing down on the edge of his bed. The whole room went cold. He's in his forties now and to this day he still won't go upstairs.

"I wonder whether my home was built on a graveyard. I can sense the spirits when I'm sitting in the living room, and I know they don't want to hurt me. I just want them to be at peace."
Source: ThisIsKent
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