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Mirrors have always held a certain fascination and there is probably no other object that has more superstitions attached to it than mirrors.
 Ancient Chinese believed that mirrors frighten away evil spirits who get scared when they see themselves; and if the mirror was broken the protection was lost.
 There's an ancient superstition that says all mirrors in a house where someone has died must be covered. This prevents the soul from getting trapped in the mirror. And anyone else who's admired his or her reflection in the mirror risks loosing his or her soul, because the ghost of the dead person will take it!

Can you see the ghostly image in the mirror?
 Located in the basement of our Warehouse building that was a mortuary from 1916-1936 we have an old mirror that is turned to catch the reflection of the coffin and the black widow who over looks the coffin. As far as we know the old mirror was not purchased in a little pawn shop reminiscent of something out of the Twilight Zone, however, this old mirror on many occasions has been able to reflect back the images of friends and loved ones from our customers who have passed on.
The photo shows that mirror with an image that we have not been able to figure out. It appears to have a beard, turban and maybe a pipe but it is something that we have not seen before. This photo was taken by photographer George Sipl using an infrared camera. George is a professional who scrutinized the photo, but, he was at a loss to describe what the image was or how it could have shown up on his photo.

Source: CantonRep

A ghostly man to the right mirror scrutinises the young girl


And whilst talking of mirrors, this photograph was forwarded to me a few years ago by an American photographer. 

The picture shows to the left a young girl posing for a photograph whilst in the mirror to the right you can clearly see a tall thin Chinese gentleman.

There were no others present - other than the photographer and the subject.

This was taken inside a restored Tea Warehouse on the island of Taiwan.

Whatever the spirit was, he appeared quite intently interested in the girl.

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