Thursday, 12 April 2012


Tonight I returned once more to the very active and very haunted master bedroom to attempt to make further contact with the energies in spirit that use this room as a portal.

Over the last few days I have not heard or seen much activity, other than more recently when I saw a shadow form energy in the lobby area at the rear of the house, and the odd footsteps on the landing.
Surprisingly tonight I saw no energies on camcorder (although I may have missed them when shooting) and no responses to me on request for them to appear save for one photo where I asked them to appear in the corner of the room - which was obliged (see last photograph below).

What I did capture was phenomenally weird but not without precedent as I have seen on camcorder this anomaly previously in the downstairs art deco room.

I sat for a while in the corner of the room and noticed that the camcorder kept going out of focus making videoing very difficult. I took a photograph and revealed what I thought was a clear room but on revue I discovered a faint misty background.  A further shot revealed a white ectoplasmic energy seemingly crowned by an orb in the background.

Other than that there was a momentary temperature drop, but nothing else save for a few weaker orb energies. I will return again, and possibly tomorrow evening. This continues to get more interesting.

Here are the shots I took with energies captured (click to enlarge).

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