Saturday, 7 April 2012


Here is a really strange photograph taken to the rear of the Horse and Groom public house in Braintree, Essex.

The pub located on a busy road into the town centre has a history which dates back to 1782, and during that time has acquired a ghostly reputation.

The following photograph submitted by Andy Radley of Essex Ghosthunting Team was taken to the rear car park of the pub during a night investigation.

Probably one of the weirdest pictures I have seen in a long time, the image shows to the boxed left hand area the apparition of a short fat man walking with a wide gait and his back to camera.

Quite who this dwarf-like person was in his lifetime is open to discussion, and until his capture was an `unknown` in the haunted history of this building.

Here is the first image.

And here the entire image has been brightened.

And finally the image of the dwarf figure shown inside the boxed area.

My thanks to Andy and his team. Why not visit their website and check out their other great catches? Link: Essex Ghosthunting Team.

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