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GHOSTHUNTERS at a Cheltenham pub caught a glimpse of some strange goings-on during a late-night stakeout.

Regulars of the St George's Vaults pub stayed after hours to see if they could find stronger spirits than whiskey at the haunted pub.

 Landlord Del Barnes is convinced of ghostly going-ons after seeing figures appearing, glasses shattering for no reason and capturing mysterious round objects, known as orbs, flying around the bar on CCTV. Some seven drinkers, some of whom believed while others who did not, stayed up until 5am on Saturday in the darkened building to catch a glimpse of something spooky.

Mr Barnes, 52, who has been in charge of the St Georges Place pub for five years, has set up cameras around the pub.
Some of the ghost-hunters headed to his upstairs flat to view the footage from the CCTV.

Landlord Del Barnes

He said: "Even some of the people that did not believe saw them and it was the subject of much debate, I think some people were convinced.
"Two of the girls were downstairs in the bar and the orbs were flying around them. They didn't hear or see anything, but it was amazing to watch."

Pub-goer Penny Quinn is a believer in ghosts and was hoping to hear or see something.
She said: "The orbs were going all over across the room flying across different angles. I don't know what was causing it, but it was not there earlier when the pub was busy.
"I don't really know much about orbs. I do believe in these types of things, but I am realistic."

Little has changed - as from this 1930`s shot

Del believes the vaults under the pub, which date back to the early 18th century, were once used to hold prisoners who were destined for the gallows.

Following an article in the Echo about the strange going-ons in the pub, Mr Barnes was sent a jokeletter from a Fester N Rott.
It stated: "I have been living peacefully in the cellar for 100 years and apart from you and many landlords before you cluttering barrels of exceedingly weak beer, it has been a relatively quiet life.
"Interfering with things you have little knowledge of can be extremely dangerous and more terrifying than your VAT bill."

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