Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Today, in company with Tim Pomfret and Andy Radley we visited a redundant medieval church called St Mary the Virgin in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.
Surprisingly a very quiet and lonely building and yet not far from a noisy airport and motorway.

St Mary the Virgin is maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust, and they do not permit night investigations into the paranormal because of the terms of agreement with the owners, the Church of England.

The building was earlier visited in daytime during March 2011, and during our time inside we could hear voices and whispering. Strangely the pews have a lot of attracted energy, and appear very active with former worshippers. Our visit attracted similar activity.

The church was erected in the 10th century, with the bell tower added in the 17th century.
The building was extensively renovated in 1880, and abandoned in 1967 when the congregation moved to a new church erected nearby.

Here are some photographs of our visit showing considerable activity. It`s interesting to note that many far dustier churches I`ve visited hardly ever show `orb` impressions.  yet this church is quite the opposite.

 A full video will be made shortly, but for those who missed the first brief visit I have added the video of my earlier impromptu visit with my friend Mary Freer from the USA - after the photographs.

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