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Tulloch Castle

Tulloch Castle is believed to have been built by Norsemen in the 12th century. Its first documented owners were the Bayne clan whose residence in the castle can be traced back to the 16th century.

Nowadays Tulloch Castle is used as a hotel and conference centre.

There have been several claims that Tulloch Castle is haunted. Visitors and hotel staff have reported witnessing apparitions in the form of a young girl and a middle aged lady. These supernatural claims were explored in the Grampian Television series Beyond Explanation in 2005, although no conclusive evidence exists to validate such reports.

In 2008 a ghostly image of a figure on a staircase was captured by 14-year-old Connor Bond.
The apparition was snapped by accident while the youngster and his family were attending a wedding at the castle.

The family only noticed what they had captured when they downloaded the image on to their computer and saw the ghostly hand and a swirl of mist around it.

Mike, 52, from Inverness said: "We were at this wedding and Connor was walking around taking loads of photos. I think he took about 200 in total.

"After we loaded them up on to the computer we were looking through them and were just stopped in our tracks by this one shot.

"You can clearly see this ghostly figure on the staircase.

"You can see a hand on the banister and what appears to be a white mist around it.

"Being a sceptical person I thought Connor had done something to the picture but he says not and I believe him."

He added: "Even other members of the family can’t believe what they’ve seen and are all checking their own photos now."

Info sources: Wiki and The Sun

To me this is an excellent capture, and despite the hand I can also see a female figure in a flowing dress. It is often the way that the best captures are always those that were unintended.

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