Saturday, 28 April 2012


STEVE Thoroughgood is convinced he has seen a ghost.
The 27-year-old Wodonga man with an interest in the paranormal spent part of Anzac Day in the Beechworth Chinese cemetery in the pursuit of orbs — spheres of energy created by the spirits of deceased people.
Mr Thoroughgood got more than he bargained for when he checked his camera later in the day.
The outline of a man standing in the front of bushland is clearly evident in his prized snap.
“I didn’t see it but I saw it in the photo,” he said.

Steve Thorogood - with picture and Iphone
“He stands out like custard. There is no special effects or photoshopping.
“We were just taking some snaps and seeing if any orbs popped up.
“Sure enough there was a very clear image of a man standing next to the bush. You can clearly see his arms and legs.”
Mr Thoroughgood said his previous experience with orbs was at the Beechworth Ghost Tours but his latest effort trumped them.
Orbs are usually picked up in photos or videos.

Source: BorderMail Australia 

My thoughts: The imagery of the figure is weak but still visible. But with the credibility of Iphone pictures under question through the plethora of `ghost app`s` which can be superimposed over the original image, you have to accept this image with a degree of hesitation over it`s authenticity.

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