Wednesday, 19 October 2011


This video story relates to an apparent apparition seen in the upstairs window of an empty apartment.
Here is the posters explanation:

`During a routine photo shoot this camera picks up awhite figure moving in an upstairs window.Residents on the ground floor for the interview maintain that the house was empty.The film crew thought it was simply a reflection at first,but then noticed the reflection of the flag in the for ground,so what is the white figure.A prank a trick of the light,or a spectral former resident of the apartment complex`. Source: Disclose TV

I personally feel although any claimed paranormal event is worth sharing, the story lacks the absolute certainty that the said apartment was empty, and if it was, the imagery is some distance away from the camera making any positive identification difficult. But as always I`ll leave that to you to decide.

                 - Ghostly white apparition spotted in uk home Video
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  1. Looks to me like it is reflections from trees .. also that there might be plastic film or sheeting over the window. The wind appears to be blowing a bit as well. The person passing back and forth in the bottom window caught my attention more so than that.

  2. I think distorted reflection of the flag and washing.

  3. For me the house in not empty.
    By watching at the beginning of the video you see walking a person, even twice, down through the window in that house.

  4. It looks like 2 children one with long blonde hair and the other with dark. I dont think its a reflection of anything but what looks even more strange is it appears to look like its in black and white!

  5. And if its empty why is the window open

  6. Yes Dee, it's black and white... and I looked already several times... don't think it are two children... tried to dwonload that video from the original site to enlarge some photos, but it cannot be downloaded. I'll try to find a way to look some closer.
    I have no proves but it is not impossible that this video is manipulated and the black and white part can 'MAYBE' be another video brought into that original video that is playing behind that window frame... think sure no playing children... bizarre is too that the man who is talking is making advertisement for 'Shell' and something else seeing he his other badge on his shirt, but don't know what that means.
    So the maybe 'little movie' playing at that window upstairs could be advertisement for something else...