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Considered to be one of the three most historically significant Colonial buildings in the United States, the Old Exchange Building is a "must see" when visiting Charleston. 

During Charles Town's Golden Age in the 1760's and 1770's, when the city was the most prosperous port in the south, the British built the Palladin style Exchange and Customs House. In 1774, Josiah Quincy of Boston wrote of his arrival: "..the new Exchange which fronst the place of my landing made a most notable appearance."

Hidden beneath the Old Exchange was quite possibly one of the worst prisons in U.S. history. Known to the good citizens of Charleston as the Provost Dungeon, the conditions were in the least unsavoury, unforgiving, and not meant for human life.

The Provost Dungeon is supposedly haunted. Many people hear crying and moaning, and many also witness chains and lights swinging back and forth by themselves for no reason. With the horrible conditions the prisoners were forced to live in, it would make sense that the place could be haunted.

The Exchange and Customs House was the commercial, political and social center of Charles Town and the site of many historical gatherings instrumental in leading to the nation's independence

Here is a full report from those that work there who have shared their experiences of the paranormal.

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