Thursday, 27 October 2011


Sean and Deanne - pensive
As promised, I returned to the haunted flight offices formerly used during WW2 by the U.S Airforce and the R.A.F.

This time in company with team members Deanne Romans and Sean Kim we explored the building in the dead of night to see whether we could elicit more activity than my earlier day visit.

We wasn`t at all disappointed as we explored the many disused offices, with some still bearing the names of those officers who served there.

As last time there were unaccounted knocks and bangs so typical of this location and a pervasive sense of ill will and irrational fear that none of us could reconcile with.

The sense of intimidation was everywhere
Despite all the years of investigating the paranormal, this building has a sense of intimidation that shakes the most hardened and determined investigator.

The most striking visible anomaly greeted us earlier in the investigation in the form of a snake like entity that moved quickly up a corridor wall and of course at times there were orbs present in odd locations and not in every room.

It seemed apparent to all of us that despite the feeling of negativity, they seemed at times to be playing games with us. What with the door bangs, there was one occasion when a voice said `orb` quite unexpectedly as all three of us stood in the open corridor.

Sean - Contacted from beyond?
But the most weirdest event occurred  when just prior to leaving Sean audibly heard a voice which on examination said, `How is Sean?`

The speaker had an American accent, and Sean`s male side of the family are American. 

Sean has listened to the e.v.p and cannot identify the voice, but as he points out there are uncles in spirit that he hasn`t seen for years, and of course his own grand-father, so he feels it highly probable it may well be connected to them and is making enquiries to identify the speaker.

And if all that we experienced wasn`t enough for one evening, we received a parting gesture in a voice that spoke to us as we departed the building.

Deanne - felt uncomfortable
As an investigation this was beyond any doubt a most memorable occasion and we hope you will enjoy this special for Halloween by `liking` on Youtube and on this blog.

We have new investigations coming up soon, and the possibility of investigating a private home with a very active and unpleasant poltergeist.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Haunted Earth TV!

And for those that may have missed it, here is the original daylight visit:

And here is the original blog entry with some photographs:


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