Sunday, 9 October 2011


Coming as a special treat from me to you, is a visit to the haunted airfield`s Flight Control Offices.
This building is quite some distance from the bunker site, and is invisible to anyone passing as the entire building is hidden by tree`s and shrubs..

This office block is very active in many ways. There was a smell of aftershave in one office, and the feeling of being followed around - but not unpleasantly.
What is unique is that some of the office doors still bear details of WW2 military personnel, plus some are still marked for a relevant military purpose.
It is believed that the officer`s names were Americans fighting with the 9th USAAF (Bomber Group) .

Is F/Lt Berg still in office?
The special will be like nothing you have seen before, and this place is spectacularly spooky for a Halloween video. Expect a release by the end of the week!

Here are some pictures shot and a few stills from the video.
 The full set can be viewed over at our Facebook page Haunted Earth UK
The main passageway was very creepy

From the central corridor lay many offices
The place felt very creepy ..
Leaving for home?

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