Wednesday, 19 October 2011


An unusual phenomenom regularly repeats itself in the Brackaville area of Coalisland in County Tyrone.

It`s not the sight of a ghost, but the multitudes of thrill seekers attracted to the location by alleged ghostly sightings at an abandoned cottage of `an old woman with a white dress and a long white cape down her back` according to one regular visitor who claims to have seen this apparition six times. Also `mysterious lights` appear and disappear inside.
The abandoned cottage

In fact so many people have turned up at night to catch sight of this ghost that traffic jams and parking obstructions have a more regular frequency than of anything spooky.

The story drew the attention of the Guardian newspaper who sent over a film crew to make a short documentary with regulars at the scene who in the main have never seen or heard the spectral apparition that others have claimed to experience.


According to a local paranormal group the ghostly legend actually relates to a phantom female hitchhiker, but like all alleged sightings they like anyone it seems are open to anything new reported.

In January 2009 more fuel was added to the ghostly reports when a videographer looking for the ghost allegedly captured a misty shape emerging between parked cars of the many ghost hunters who had arrived there.
The video of that event is below:

As a professional investigator and film maker of paranormal events I doubt very much whether the journey there will be worthwhile for anyone as experience has taught me that the less people that are present the greater the opportunity of capturing anything meaningful. 

Whether this is a ghost or not is irrelevant as the legends attached to this area will probably guarantee another huge turn out this coming Halloween.
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