Monday, 24 October 2011


Sean and Chris checking out activity from a doorway

Here is a `teaser` clip for our forthcoming Halloween night investigation in the former flight offices of a WW2 RAF/USAAF airfield.

The location was recently visited during the daytime by me, Chris Halton and although I am normally quite cool about such investigations the flight offices proved to be one step too far and I was forced to abandon the visit due to some heavy and very oppressive activity.

 Our return proved no different, and we were able to capture a great deal of very powerful activity to camcorder.

This full investigation will include more door slamming, lots of EVP and other very weird events that will chill you to the bone!

In this clip you`ll see a faint `snake like` anomaly move quickly up a wall, and Sean is addressed by an American man.

Who the man is in relation to Sean hasn`t been researched yet, but it`s interesting to note that Sean is of 50% American extraction.
Could the voice be a relative in spirit, or were they playing with us?


The finale of this great night investigation occurred upon leaving, a very menacing voice actually spoke to us as we passed through the door.
So make Friday night your Halloween night at home with this great production!

Sean filming the corridor
Deanne - Apprehensive
A lot of corridor activity!
Same view - full frame

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  1. Seems interesting... you keep us in tension Chris ! You publish it on the day the Mayan Calendar seems to end.