Sunday, 16 October 2011


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This is quite an old video - dating back to the New Year in 2006.
This camera clip you are about to see was fitted in the men`s toilets at a busy pub.
The reason for this unusual position was stamp out violence and drug dealing taking place, with any video being used as evidence.
However, on this occasion the camera picked up a lot more than human activity as you will see if you follow the on screen instructions to move to 2:48 where the show begins, which was incidentally, 12 seconds into the new year. 
De Bees Music Bar is based in Winsford, Cheshire and is very popular with younger revellers.
Other than it`s current use, I cannot find much if any on the history of this building.

As always, there are `know all` sceptical comments on the video arguing it could be the work of a reveller on the other side banging the wall - well, logically if that were so, the mirror would have been changed to a metallic one a long time ago with the boisterous younger crowd the bar attracts, and another view that it could have been someone outside in the `smokers area` propelling something at the glass to make it break. Again another malformed view as the exterior windows were closed and undamaged, but that doesn`t stop people coming up with amazing explanations!

There are identified flashes on the video, and one wonders whether it was the work of someone who had met their death to return on New Year to cause problems.

In any case, a worthy video to share for your thoughts and opinions.

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