Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Does the ghost of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel haunt a suite at The Hotel Ritz in Paris?
That’s what author Justine Picardie claims. She just wrote a biography titled “Chanel: Her Life.
The way the story goes is: the writer was staying in Chanel’s old room in the famed Place Vendome hotel – which is not the grande suite that goes for 10,000 Euros a night, but rather a modest space near the attic and overlooking unfashionable Rue Cambon – soaking up some atmosphere during her research.
She got more than she bargained for. As soon as she turned off the lights to call it a night, a bulb popped out of a wall sconce straight up in the air. Then other lights, including her bedside lamp, flashed on and off while whispering sounds filled the room.
The next morning an electrician could find no cause for the strobe effect, but a hotel staffer coolly replied that Picardie was a lucky because “I hear Mademoiselle paid you a visit last night.”

Story Source: Rod Hagwood @ Sun Sentinel

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