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Declassified CIA STAR GATE documents confirm Obama nominee James Clapper knew about the use of psychic spies. A declassified DIA STAR GATE briefing document confirms the existence of paranormal phenomena and the use of psychics to spy on America's enemies.

( President Barack Obama's nominee for the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James R. Clapper, Jr., is the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Clapper, in his capacity as the head of the DIA in the early to mid 1990s, was directly involved in the DIA's response to a briefing request about the psychic spy program from then Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, and John M. Deutsch, who became the Director of Central Intelligence at the CIA in May, 1995.

Months after Deutsch was handed control of the CIA, the psychic spy operation under Clapper at the DIA, nick-named STAR GATE, was transferred from the DIA to CIA, following a Congressionally Directed Action order.

CIA shut down the STAR GATE operation shortly after taking control. The existence of a secret psychic spy operation became national news following an appearance by some of the psychic operatives and scientific researchers, along with current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, on Ted Koppel's popular ABC News show Nightline.

Included among the roughly 90,000 pages of documents from the declassified STAR GATE files are several briefing documents produced by the Defense Intelligence Agency, which confirm the existence of paranormal phenomena. Information concerning foreign efforts to use psychics to spy on the United States, and other operational details about US psychic spy operations, have been redacted from the briefings.

 Following 9/11, several sources claimed knowledge of a new psychic spy program.

At least two independent sources have identified the National Security Agency (NSA)as the home of the new program. One source, who claims to have participated in psychic experiments for the US government, identified the Defense Intelligence Agency and the NSA.

In his book The Men Who Stare at Goats, author Jon Ronson claims to have been told by Uri Geller that a man named Ron had reactivated his psychic powers for intelligence operations. Geller had been the target of a covert CIA investigation of the paranormal in the early 1970s, according to declassified CIA documents. The man identified by Geller is widely thought to be Ronald S. Pandolfi, who was a CIA analyst in the 1990s, according to the New York Times.

Uri Geller - target of CIA?
Pandolfi has denied that he reactivated Geller. A recent government document identified Pandolfi with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

A copy of one 72-page DIA STAR GATE briefing, presumably similar to the briefing given to Perry and Deutsch under Clapper's command, is available to view at the website.

Source: American Chronicle
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