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Admiral Fell Inn - Haunted?
 Fell's Point, Maryland is the original deep water seaport in Baltimore and became incorporated into the city in 1773. Being a seaport, it attracted many immigrants as well as sailors who took their liberties there. Presently, there are many shops and pubs that line the streets of Fell's Point, which makes it a wonderful destination to get away and have fun.

Back in the day, the area was a rough neighborhood consisting of shipyards, warehouses, brothels and saloons. The lifestyle of a merchant seaman back then was less than sanitary and, shall we say, unsafe and lacking in culture and refinement, to put it politely. Therefore, the Mission Women's Auxiliary built The Anchorage, which was to be a boarding house for these fellows. It was intended as a home away from home with a Christian influence, to create a safe haven in the port. Later, the YMCA continued the tradition until 1955 when The Anchorage began to be occupied by a series of tenants and eventually fell into disrepair.

It was in 1985 that The Anchorage buildings were renovated and reimmerged as the Admiral Fell Inn. This haunted hotel in Baltimore is now a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, one of the Historic Hotels of America.

<a href=';vid=a29a9b4b-4457-4f82-b9ab-260ac0cd06f3&amp;src=v5:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Lowell Sees Ghost At Admiral Fell Inn' >Video: Lowell Sees Ghost At Admiral Fell Inn</a>

This haunted hotel in Baltimore is a European style hotel that has been described as more like the home of a well-to-do resident, than a commercial establishment. Guests are greeted by ghost story tellers and ghost tours are available. There is dining on the property, as well as a breakfast nook, pub and ballroom. Even pets are welcome at this haunted hotel in Baltimore.

Some of the reputed ghost sightings:

  • One legend speaks of a scientist who saw the apparition of a nurse walk through his wall after being awakened by the creaking of his room's floorboards. He was staying in Room 218.
  • One of the housekeeping staff reported being touched and feeling coldspots on different occasions while working in room 413. She said it felt as though a slight breeze was blowing against her face or arms, like someone had walked close by her. She also reported feeling as though someone had put their hand on her shoulder.
          Source courtesy of Ghosts and Stories
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