Sunday, 16 October 2011


The Shurland Hotel
Strange occurrences have been reported over the years by staff, customers and guests staying at the Shurland Hotel.
Now, one of the spooky incidents at the Eastchurch venue has finally been caught on film.
Staff got a fright when a full pint glass flew off one of the tables and smashed on the floor as they sat talking about the issue of suicide.
Desperate to prove it wasn’t a prank, they begged owner Steven Haynes to check the bar’s CCTV.

Mr Haynes, who took over the hotel in March 2009, said: “It is 100 per cent genuine.
“I wasn’t there, but when I came down they were like 'quick, quick look at the camera’. When I did, I thought 'Wow, that’s quite impressive’.”
The 33-year-old and his partner, Sam Banks, have set up a blog entitled the Shurland Hotel Ghost Blog so they can start logging any supernatural activity. “So much stuff happens here,” said Mr Haynes.
“We’ve had banging on the walls and footsteps across the roof but nobody’s there.
“We live in the flat at the top [of the hotel] and Sam’s woken up before and seen a little girl aged about seven or eight just standing at the foot of the bed.
“We also have a touch lamp in our bedroom that turns on randomly – so much so that we’ve now unplugged it.
“A guy who was building a dental lab in Eastchurch stayed at the hotel for about eight weeks and said one day his bedroom door opened at about 7am and someone peered in, he jumped out of bed but nobody was there.
“We used to keep toilet rolls at the top of the cellar stairs. One day, one of our barmen was walking past and one came out of the door and hit him and the other went down the stairs, that happened about three times.
“There’s also been times when I’ve turned off the cellar light, then gone round the corner and then gone back to find the light is back on.”

Source: Kent On Line

NOTE: Look at the table MIDDLE right, and not top right as stated on the video. 
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