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Haunted? Clevedon Pier mystery
Remember my recent posts concerning the haunted happenings at Clevedon Pier 

It has been further reported that a paranormal group led by a Richard Case has been allowed to investigate the phenomena. Here is a report from ThisIsBristol

A PROFESSIONAL ghost hunter says he has captured evidence on camera which he says could be ghosts haunting Clevedon Pier.
Ghost hunter Richard Case has been investigating paranormal activities on the seaside landmark over the past few weeks following numerous reports that ghosts had been seen lingering in the mists.

Most of his visits to the pier have been late at night or during the early hours – including when he says a ghostly mist started to appear.

Richard, a former special policeman who runs Ghostchallengers, said it was a clear night on the pier and therefore believes it could not have been sea mist or smoke.
He also has reported hearing whispering on the pier during the early hours – when he and two members of his team were the only people on the landmark.

He added: "I was on the pier with a couple of my team and I heard what sounded like a person whispering. Both members of the team also heard it."
Richard has been using a range of equipment, including a night vision camera, while carrying out his investigations.

And although he has made some progress on assessing the paranormal activity on the landmark, he says so far his investigations have proved inconclusive.

Richard intends to continue to visit the pier over the next few months as well as making a visit in November – a month when the ghostly activities are usually at their busiest.
Richard, 45, said: "When I checked the pictures I saw this wispy smoke which looked like it was starting to form into an apparition. When I checked the following frames from the camera, it was gone.
"People could argue that it was sea mist or smoke, but it was a clear night and there was no one else on the pier but me.
"The next day I checked with some of the fisherman and they too agreed it wasn't sea mist and the pictures were very strange."

Pictures of a coloured orb inside the pergola at the top of the pier have also been caught on film.
A number of people, including fishermen, have reported seeing ghostly figures on the landmark while piermistress Linda Strong has often noticed a strong smell of burnt toast lingering in the air.
Mr Case intents to continue to interview fishermen that regularly use the pier – some of whom have reported seeing ghostly figures lingering in the mist.

Richard Case and Clevedon Pier
 Linda Strong said: "When I saw the recent pictures, they did spook me out.
"I believe this is evidence that there are paranormal activities going on at the pier and I am looking forward to seeing what further investigations reveal."

I have to say that had I lived closer, I would have loved to have set-up a week long study and have made a documentary.
I think this site is very active with a troubled spirit of a man.

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