Monday, 5 March 2012


Here is another story of a celebrity, a haunted house and ghosts as reported in the Sun newspaper.

Adele - Concerned with haunted home

 SINGER Adele is refusing to sleep in her new mansion alone because she is convinced it's HAUNTED.

She has hired her female driver as a bodyguard and moved her into the ten-bedroom pile to be by her side 24/7.

The scared Someone Like You superstar told a pal: "I'm not rattling around here on my own. It gives me the creeps."

Adele, 23, was spooked after "hearing things that made her jump" at the £7million home, set in 25 acres in Sussex.

She vowed never to spend another night there on her own.

So she is paying the bodyguard, said to be a down-to-earth former chauffeur in her 30s, £100,000 a year to stay with her at home and to accompany her around the world.

The mansion, which has two swimming pools, used to be a convent and has a private chapel.

The friend added: "Adele was so excited to be renting such a lavish property but it has not turned out as happily as it should have.

"She is convinced it is haunted. She knows about its religious history — and it's a big place to be in on your own in the dead of night."

The singer — who picked up six Grammys and two Brits last month — has also hired two other full-time security staff.

They will guard the gates of the £15,000-a-month mansion after she discovered a public footpath runs past her front door.

The pal said: "She can see the funny side but she is a sensible girl and knows there is no point taking chances with her safety."

Source: The Sun
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