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 Remember my recent news post concerning Sunderland mum Marie Williams whose home was allegedly plagued with poltergeists? Link: FAMILY PLAGUED BY POLTERGEISTS IN SUNDERLAND HOME
At the time a medium called in named Sean Roper was unable to banish the entities and so Marie turned to a national newspaper, The Sun who then called in Derek Acorah the medium best associated with the now defunct TV show, `Most Haunted`. Make of it what you will.

Marie Williams - Appealed for help
CELEBRITY psychic Derek Acorah has rid a family of their terrifying ghosts — thanks to The Sun.

Marie Williams, 34, and her six kids had been dogged by increasingly alarming incidents since moving to their Victorian home in Sunderland last February.

The family were taunted with eerie sights and sounds and the spirits even ATTACKED Marie and RANSACKED a bedroom.

Her kids were so scared that one slept in the living room while others would only go upstairs in pairs.

A fed-up Marie appealed for help in The Sun last week — and ghost guru Derek, best known for telly's (t.v`s) Most Haunted, stepped in.

I joined Derek as he performed an hour-long "invocation" ceremony — and personally witnessed the inexplicable.

Marie explained that six weeks after moving in she would hear someone climbing the stairs then "thunder" back down them — but no one was there.

Derek Acorah - Called in
 Then a man would appear in the hallway and a ghostly little girl would run towards the stairs then disappear.

She says: "One night we were in the dining room and there was an almighty crash from upstairs.

"My 18-month-old Harvey's room was turned completely upside down — chests of drawers, wardrobe, things on the wall, everything was on the floor."

"On another occasion I felt this burning sensation and ran to the mirror." There was a 2in red scratch on her neck.

Derek, 62, revealed: "Someone on this street has used a ouija board-like instrument to open the portal to the other side. That allows spirits to come to the house."

Derek sealed off the front and back doors plus a portal he located in the living room. He sprinkled rock salt at each site, which he says spirits cannot cross, and crystals to bring purity.

But the spirits were not giving up easily. One nipped Marie's legs, while a candle at the back door was inexplicably thrown into the garden, its glass holder smashed.

I witnessed this myself and cannot think of any rational explanation.

Afterwards, a relieved Marie said: "I feel like a weight has been lifted."

Source: TheSun

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