Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Here is a video picked up from Youtube showing quite definitely a human figure moving around on the Victorian pier head at Herne Bay, Kent.
The pier is a derelict with no access from land. According to reports it is in a dangerous state with warning signs posted.
The poster suspects that the figure may be a ghost and claims the long distance filming was because the pier is actually far out to sea.
The question is whether or not a tramp or fisherman would be able to easily access the pier remains. Without being there at the time it is difficult to say anything about this video other than as interesting.

Here is what the poster states:

 Please watch all the way through ghostly figure starts moving at 0:52 Looking at the old derelict pier head 3/4 of a mile off Herne Bay Kent I noticed a dark human shape on the structure and was amazed when the figure started moving. This pier head is in a very dangerous condition and no one is allowed on it. The extremely derelict structure has signs all over it telling people to keep off. I looked all around the pier and filmed through the legs as you can see there is no boat moored to it.The pier head is all that is left of the country's third longest pier at over 3/4 mile long that was before the terrible storm of 1979 destroyed the middle section leaving the old paddle steamer docking station the only remaining section apart from the main pavilion area near the beach.Check out the piers history

And here is the video - you decide..

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