Monday, 12 March 2012


Here is a video sent to me by one of our viewers from Germany.
In this clip you`ll see three men and a woman playing on an impromptu Ouija board set out by cards on a coffee table.
Most of the video is fairly mundane and straight forward until 2:05 when the glass slides forward unassisted and then lifts itself off the table and disappears up to the ceiling.
This is very interesting and unique in my experience. Of course trickery here is possible but very difficult to execute as the glass would have to move twice - forward and up.
However, you may feel otherwise. I do find it odd that they have videoed the session and also for the fact the camera continued to run after they stopped. But this is not to dismiss the claims.

This is the translated German to English text that accompanied the video.

`Oh it's true they do exist. At first we just thought, someone pushes on the glass but later turned out that no one had moved! We were shocked and play back glasses ever again!
Oh, and look in the end times, the pieces of paper. Horror!`

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