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 Recently I carried a story of a Scottish mum Vicky Dann who called in a priest who was unable to banish an unwanted entity from her home. 

 Since then a further news report - this time from the Scottish Sun newspaper announcing the banishment of the entity that was allegedly tormenting her.
Vicky Dann (left) with medium Jackie Drummond
REAL-LIFE ghostbusters have finally succeeded in banishing a ghost from a tormented mum's home.
Petrified Vicky Dann, 40, was driven to despair after TWO blessings by a Church of Scotland minister failed to shift the ghoul haunting her house.

Even The Scottish Sun was thwarted in its bold bid to rid Vicky's home of the stubborn spook when we sent in our own hapless 'Ghostbuster' Graeme Donohoe last month.

But Vicky told of her joy last night after a paranormal investigations firm stepped up to finish the job in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

They brought in their medium Jackie Drummond, who identified the ghost as Thomas Laidlaw — a man who died in 1923.

Vicky said: "She found him wandering around my living room. Jackie spoke to Thomas and calmly asked him to leave my house.

"He was dressed in war-time clothing and kept apologising, saying he was lost and didn't want to harm us. Jackie was very calm and convinced him to leave.

"After she spoke to him the house immediately felt calmer. It's a massive relief."

Jackie was called in after Midlothian Paranormal Investigations ghostbusters Mark Stocks and Aileen Copland spent three nights assessing Vicky's house last week.

They used infrared cameras and voice recorders to trace the spook. Jackie then performed a technique called a "whitewash", where she went into every room to contact any spirits and ask them to leave.

The team also discovered Vicky's home was built on a MASS GRAVE of ghosts of women and children known as a "plague pit".

Apparently this is a picture of the entity
Before Jackie's visit things had got so bad that Vicky and her two daughters Jenna, 18, and Emma, 11, were all sleeping together in the living room as they were so scared.

They had been seeing apparitions and orbs for two years — and took startling photos to prove it.

Church of Scotland Minister Keith Mack performed two blessings on the house in January, but things only got worse.

But Vicky said Jackie had "completely done the trick".

Jackie added: "I'm so glad. Vicky was so upset when we met her. I'm glad we managed to sort this out."

MPI founder Aileen said: "People believe in ghosts and need somewhere they can go for help, somewhere people won't laugh at them. I'm delighted we were able to help."

Source: ScottishSun

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