Thursday, 1 March 2012


Haunted Earth are pleased to announce the release of a new limited edition double DVD which will include 5 full shows from my recent HD investigations. They will be either PAL or NTSC formats - You simply state what format you prefer.
This production will run to 100 signed copies only.
The cover art is printed on high quality gloss paper.

The shows included are:


Contact from Beyond the Haunted Bunker - Where `Reg` shows himself finally in physical form, and later when he attempts to communicate with us directly!
A Short Halloween Ghost Story - When I visited the former USAAF Flight Offices during the daytime and received quite a fright!
Ghosts of the Haunted Airfield - The full night investigation at the Flight Offices which had lots of activity including where a spiritual presence spoke directly to team-mate Sean and where `they` said `thankyou` as we bid them farewell.
All shows selected contain a great deal of paranormal activity, and should keep you entertained for hours!

Another batch ready for shipment - plenty in stock for immediate posting!
Visit to a Haunted Norfolk HouseThe initial visit where a ghost was captured on camera, and some Class `A` EVP was recorded.

Return to a Haunted Norfolk House.

A follow-up full night investigation which captured some
fantastic anomalies to camera with some excellent EVP!

The videos contain their own menu for click and loading any chosen video to view.

Note: To see screen captures of both videos please check below.

The covers and labels are of high quality as with the discs contained inside their specially printed boxes.

The double DVD will be shipped in a jiffy bag to wherever you live.

Each will include a special certificate from me which will be numbered and signed.

Each double DVD boxed, (inclusive of costs) is £20 GBP or $31 USD (inclusive)

For your currency conversion to GBP please click here:


All DVD`s are designed to play on any PAL or NTSC player. Equally, they can be played on your PC. To do so, please ensure that your drivers are up to date.
Both PAL and NTSC versions in their boxes

 Here are screen-shots of the menu`s - note that these are not the full hi-resolution quality you will receive.

The videos will be despatched after Wednesday 7th March 2012
Payment will be through a Paypal account and according to whoever`s payment I receive first will receive the initial numbering from 1 onwards.
All DVD`s will be checked before despatch to ensure they are in full working condition.
I will notify you when the set has been sent. Delivery will be by standard post.
Deliveries may vary according to your own place of residence.
To pay click the Paypal link here - YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO  PURCHASE Please state format preferred in text box: 


Shipments sent in sealed Jiffy bags.

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