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Marie Williams with medium Sean Roper
SPOOKY goings-on at a Hendon house are scaring the living daylights out of a mum and her six children.
Marie Williams believes that spirits are haunting her home, trashing rooms, causing sulphurous smells, opening and closing curtains, throwing objects around and even scratching her.
Paranormal experts have all recorded unexplained activity in the Victorian home, in Toward Road, but say the spirits are too strong for them to remove.
Marie, 34, is now pleading for help or else she feels she will be forced to move house.
In the past year, the incidents have escalated from hearing footsteps when no one is around to items going missing and objects the family have never seen before, such as Victorian trinkets, being thrown in the house.
At its worst, mucky water from a unknown source has run down the bannister and people’s ankles have been grabbed by a mystery source, while Marie has been locked in the kitchen and was scratched down the neck.
She said: “It started about six weeks after we moved in. I was up a pair of ladders hanging some curtains at the landing window and I heard someone walking up the stairs.
“I looked down and there was no one there. Then I heard someone come up next to the ladders. It was like they turned round on the carpet and ran back down.”
Over the months the incidents have escalated and Marie and her children have seen two different girls in the house as well as a man.
Marie said: “The gentleman always appears in the hallway. When I first saw him, I thought ‘did I see that or am I just tired.’ But I’ve seen him again and again. He looks like a normal person, like a man in a shirt and trousers. He’s not ghostly white or anything but it’s like looking at a shadowy version of a normal person.”
Before Marie moved into the three-storey house it had been empty for a year but she chose it because it had enough rooms to accommodate her and her children – Callum, 15, Kaitlin, 13, Cameron, nine, twins Hannah and Charlotte, six and Harvey, 18 months.
The mum has looked into moving but can’t find any houses of that size for a reasonable rent. Instead she hopes an expert may read this article and be able to help rid her home of the ghosts.
The situation has become so bad that Marie, who is carer for Harvey who has chronic lung disease, has been physically attacked.
She said: “I was walking on the landing as I’d been upstairs to get Harvey a blanket and I felt this almighty burning, sharp sensation. When I looked in the mirror there was a large, raised scratch. I was so shocked because it’s the first time I’d been physically touched by them.”
She added: “It seems to have got worse in the past couple of weeks. There’s been dirty brown water running down the bannisters and it’s come from nowhere, there’s no leaks.
“To be honest it’s hell living here as the incidents are almost daily now.
“I don’t get much sleep and it’s hard to convince your children they’re safe when they see things.
“Kaitlin has seen a girl with long dark hair in her mirror in her bedroom and Callum has seen a girl in the mirror downstairs and shadows disappear into walls. They’re terrified and don’t want to go upstairs on their own.”
Paranormal investigators who have visited the house believe it may be haunted by Jinn, supernatural creatures from Arabic folklore and have given Marie a copy of the Koran in a bid to placate the spirits. But all attempts so far have failed to cleanse the house.
Clairvoyant Sean Roper said: “I have never seen a haunting like this.
“I have cleansed houses before, but this is beyond my powers. We need someone who can come in and tell us what it is so we can get rid of it for this mum and her kids so they can stay in their house.”
Source & picture: SunderlandEcho 

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