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Whitney Houston
WHITNEY Houston’s distraught mum says she is being haunted by the ghost of her daughter.

Grieving Cissy Houston has handed friends and family a letter revealing how her doorbell has been ringing mysteriously since the day Whitney died.

But sad Cissy Houston, 78, insists that she is not scared and is taking comfort from the spirit.

Devout Christian Cissy believes Whitney’s ghost rang her doorbell the day she died.

Close friends of the family said last night Cissy is in danger of becoming “obsessed” with feelings that the songbird is still with her.

They warned it is a sign the frail grandmother-of-six is suffering from “uncontrollable grief and shock” that could spiral into a mental breakdown.

Cissy could not bring herself to speak at her daughter’s funeral held eight days ago.

Instead, she handed mourners a letter which told how she believes Whitney’s spirit called at her door the day her body was found.

Cissy also revealed in the heart-rending message how God tried to warn her that her daughter was going to die.

The Daily Star today prints the contents of her mum’s note for the first time.

Cissy wrote: “On Saturday, before I found out about your transition, my doorbell rang.

“I called the concierge to tell him someone was ringing my doorbell. He checked the cameras and told me that no-one was there.

“You promised me you were coming to spend time with me after the Grammys. I believe the spirits allowed you to come after all.”

Whitney, 48, was found dead in her bath at the Beverly Hilton hotel in LA on the eve of the Grammys after a suspected drugs and booze binge.

Cissy added in her note that she felt spirits were trying to tell her how the singer was suffering in the months before her death.

She wrote: “I never told you that when you were born the Holy Spirit told me that you would not be with me long.

“For two months now I have been depressed, crying, lonesome and sad not knowing why.”

A pal of Cissy said last night: “She feels Whitney is with her since this doorbell-ringing episode. She constantly talks to her as if she is still a real presence with real power.”
Source: Daily Star

It seems that Whitney has joined the ranks of the `celebrity ghost` and like Amy Winehouse, will no doubt be making frequent appearances inside tabloid newspapers for the next few years. Why can`t the tabloid press leave her alone? Answer - She can make more money in death. R.I.P Whitney.

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