Thursday, 9 February 2012


Here is a video made some years ago and concerns a Chinese Chi master, John Chan who lives within the Chinese community in Indonesia.
The story of John Chan is covered within this video, and the most startling claims by him is the ability to make paper allegedly self-ignite, and the other (apart from his healing ability) is to be able to force a chop stick to emerge through a wooden table.
A quick trip to the JREF (James Randi forum) records reactions to the claims of Chan, and predictably the view is one of ridicule and alleging that Chan `is a charlatan`.
Throwing dismissive insults is one thing, but disproving it is another.
Before we look at the sceptical viewpoint, please watch this video.

Here is the sceptical response, and is aimed at practitioners of Chi like John Chan.

Whilst I would like to believe that there are people who are gifted with some rare mystical ability, the original video of Chan does nothing to rebut scepticism.
Returning once more to the Chan video, you`ll see him tearing up the newspaper prior to the fire event. And here is where Chan`s claims are flawed - the whole event is cut by a frame break and starts with the now rolled up newspaper lying on the ground, and where Chan mysteriously causes it to self-ignite. The critical part is plainly missing.
My view is that whilst these claims at first sight seem wonderful, there are alternative explanations, and Chan`s video creates more questions than answers. And sadly on this experience, I am drawn more to the sceptical viewpoint, although you may have your own views on this.

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