Saturday, 11 February 2012


Will Ferrell - Claimed trailer was haunted
Will Ferrell reportedly had to get a new trailer on the set of his latest film because he was convinced his other one was haunted.

The funnyman is currently shooting his latest film 'Dog Fight' in New Orleans but was left freaked out by the "ghosts" he was convinced were in the trailer and refused to return to it until producers had replaced it.

A source said: "During a break in filming, Will had gone to his dressing trailer to rest, but when he got there, he heard an eerie rattling noise – then strange voices coming from the bathroom."

Will thought there were intruders in there so asked security to get them out but when he returned he could still hear the noises.

The source told National Enquirer magazine: "After a while Will went back into the trailer -- but once again, he heard weird noises coming from the bathroom. This time he threw open the door and was shocked when he saw nothing.

"He ran outside and told the guards, 'It's ghosts from that graveyard and I'm not going back in there!'"

So producers got a new trailer so filming could start again.

Source: CTVNews

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