Thursday, 9 February 2012


Houghton House - A magnificent ruin
One of the more interesting derelict sites I have had the privilege to visit and investigate is the remains of Houghton House near Ampthill in Bedfordshire.
I`ve been to the site twice now. Once on a dusk visit, and the other at night.
The day visit was the more interesting of the two, and considerable EVP was picked up on our cams, but the night visit was predictably problematic.
It appears that the ruins are very popular with kids, and in turn with the local police.
However, here are both experiences for you to see.
Houghton House was wrecked deliberately by it`s owner in 1794, and despite it obvious high quality, it was never restored and allowed to be come a complete shell which was later taken over by the government and is now controlled by English Heritage.

Looking from the house along the driveway

Local ghost stories report that from the ruins come reports of shadowy figures that quickly vanish if seen. The sound of several galloping horses pulling a coach have also been heard on the site. Whilst I never heard horses, I did see and report on camera the presence of shadow forms.
But a proper night investigation at this site would sadly be out of the question as during my night visit both kids and police put in an appearance which forced us to abandon our vigil of this very active site.

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