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Jade Goody

Television presenter Jeff Brazier's son Freddie believes his has been visited by the ghost of his late mother Jade Goody.

Big Brother star Jade passed away from cervical cancer at the age of 27 in 2009 and This Morning presenter Jeff has been caring for children Freddie, 8, and Bobbie, 9, since.

Jeff recently visited Pluckley in Kent, which is believed to be the UK's most haunted village, as part of This Morning's Supernatural Week and the star spoke about Freddie's supernatural experience on the show.

He said: "My personal experiences have left me open-minded about the paranormal.

"Two days ago was probably the scariest experience of my life because Freddie had a case of night terrors... and he often says to me that he sees his mum in his room as well, so that all made for a pretty awkward night's sleep."

And this isn't the first time the brothers have suffered with nightmares as Jeff recently revealed to The Mirror he had replaced photos of their mother in their bedrooms after a series of bad dreams.

Speaking about Freddie, he said: "Fortunately, his nightmares have gone for now. I'm going to renew the photos of Mum in their rooms and hope that'll be it for a while, but if Fred's bad dreams do return, he'll know there's a cosy spot for him on the sofa, beside his dad ­and brother."

On their changing behaviour, he said: "I have recently seen a dip in the boys' behaviour. Fred is scared to go to bed because of the bad dreams he's been having, and the other day Bobby shouted at me, 'It's not easy not having a mum'. It's hard, but I know this phase will pass."

Jeff Brazier and children
The star recently revealed he is making efforts to keep the children out of the spotlight since their mother passed as he believes they need a stable and calm upbringing.

"The boys needed time to recover, grow and to find their feet after the rug had been pulled from beneath them," he said. "I need to give them a balanced perspective on fame because there's a chance that when they reach 18, there could still be some media interest. Nervous times ahead for ­a protective father.

"When it comes to kids, the vital work is done in their early years. If me and the boys maintain a close relationship, we will be able to communicate our way through every potential hazard, be it girlfriends, exams or large offers from glossy mags for photos."

Source: HuffingtonPost

 My thought.. `If the kid`s needed time to recover, grow and to find their feet after the rug had been pulled from beneath them` then why report this story to the media? It seems ghosts are great publicity machines when fading TV stars or presenters need them. And poor old Jade is no exception.
Shades of Amy Winehouse .........
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