Thursday, 9 February 2012


The `haunted` property 
Manchester (UK) A Zimbabwean woman here was placed into a flat she has said has a ghost inside following furniture and sundry items belonging to the previous tenant the Manchester Council left at the property prior to her moving in.

The house is managed by Manchester Council’s Northwards Housing company who have not removed a previous tenant’s belongings at the property for several weeks .

ZimEye editors were left in multiple-stitches after we were told people had been busy chasing the “Ghost” around the house on Wednesday.

“…(We) are here busy chasing the chipoko (ghost)”, one woman who had been assisting LS said. “Its here, its busy breaking things and the council is saying there is nothing they can do,” she said.

The woman LS(REAL NAME WITHELD), aged 33, who is a single mum of one, has been living at the property for the past month and told ZimEye her terror at the alleged “Ghost”:

“I am having sleepless nights with my child. I can’t even sleep,” she said.

“When I moved in, I told them…that this is the situation, but they only answered : ‘we have never had complaints about that house,’” she said.

LS claimed that the company’s housing officer however gave two conflicting accounts, one that stated that the previous tenant lived since 1986, and another that the tenant lived for only three years.

“They told me that there was an old lady who lived at the house since 1986, but the same person who talked to me would also tell me that the last person only lived for 3 years, which showed me it was a lie,” she said.

What has been chief in LS’s plight is the fact that the company is still to remove the previous tenant’s belongings more than three weeks after she complained about their presence at the property. The belongings include furniture remains, and picture frames, LS said she even fears touching. “The paintings are extremely weird, ” she told ZimEye.

ZimEye has established that Northwards Housing Company indeed received a complaint more than three weeks ago and LS’s fight to get the items removed continues....
Source: ZimEye UK

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