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The De Soto Hotel's front desk attendee Baldemar Gomez knows of 47 tenants who call the Downtown hotel home.
It is, however, impossible for him to quantify the number of spirits walking the 100-year-old hotel's hallways. Yet, he and others who have been around the hotel for decades know the ghosts are there.
Polo Diaz, the hotel's maintenance worker, wasn't afraid to walk through the dark basement until he had his own experience with ghosts. The basement is now used for storage.
"There are ghosts here, everywhere," he said as he nervously tried to turn on lights, many of which are burned out. "Ghost investigators come here a lot; the owner gave them their own key."
Videos of the ghost hunts can be seen on YouTube.
The paranormal activity, however, isn't limited to the basement.
"We keep getting stories from people saying they see a teenage girl walking down the hallway," Gomez said as he pointed down the first-floor corridor. "But I work during the day, and most of the activity is at night."
According to Gomez, the hotel's residents are mostly retired people on fixed incomes. Rent is $425 a month for a room with a shared bathroom and $450 for rooms with a private bath. Only two rooms are reserved for overnight guests.
Monthly renters take up most of the hotel, which usually is about 90 percent occupied. A self-proclaimed recluse who said his name is Presley has lived on the first floor of the hotel for almost eight years in what he calls his "bachelor pad." It's just one room with a bathroom off to the side, but according to him, it's all he needs.
"After I became widowed, we sold the house and everything. Some friends got me to come over here," Presley said.
He is reluctant to talk about his wife, Vicky, who died more than eight years ago. His walls are covered with memories, mostly photographs of a better time in his life when he had his wife of 33 years.
"It's nothing special. I'm comfortable, I'm comfortable," he said.


Source: ElPasoTimes

Here is a video from an investigation in this building where you can hear the EVP of a small boy saying, "Who Cares", and also a shadow anomaly.

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