Friday, 17 February 2012


Ghostly man in mirror to right of girl - Submitted by viewer
An open question to all our viewers.
Do you own any interesting footage or indeed photographs of what you believe to be ghosts caught on camera?

Our mandate is to share any interesting activity from the world of the paranormal. You may have a picture or a clip of something that you believe to be a paranormal event, and we will share anything that fits that remit.

We can offer you complete anonymity if you prefer, and in case of photographs we can blank out faces but providing the pictures or video is of a significant event such as a ghostly manifestation or similar.

You might even be a fellow paranormal investigator with some interesting footage to share from your online video site.

Whatever it is, and providing we feel it to be a paranormal event we will share it and even write the facts of the capture around the event. We have a steady and increasing audience here on this blog, and your captures will be appreciated by our growing readership.

If the material is felt to be very profound in a big way, we may even find you a news market to share your work and that could bring you some financial remuneration if published through the media.

 Our quest since the creation of Haunted Earth 8 years ago is to bring the world of the paranormal to a bigger audience, and to show that spirituality is real, and importantly something that is not to be feared. Relying on news reports is not as good as first hand accounts and submissions.

Help increase others acceptance and understanding of what is truly the `last frontier`, and contact us at the below address:

We look forward to your story:)

Thanks For Making This Possible! Kindly Bookmark and Share it.

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