Friday, 3 February 2012


Amy Winehouse `haunting`?
London, Feb 3 (ANI): Amy Winehouse's father has lashed out at a 'psychic' who has been pestering him with claims that his daughter is haunting her friends.
 Canadian Nadine Rhodes told Mitch Winehouse, 60, that there had been a string of "angelic appearances" by the singer in Canada. She insisted Amy's ghost was pleading for help for a British man who was suffering in pain.
 She sent him a stream of Twitter messages telling him about "hauntings" by Amy, who died last July aged 27 after a vodka binge.
 The Canadian said the 'Rehab' singer kept appearing in white, telling her friends that a man called Kevin Sheridan in Bedfordshire was suffering.
Mitch Winehouse - Furious
Rhodes added that Amy also talked of how British police had been using voodoo to curse people, leading an angry Mitch to reply to her on Twitter.
 "You know this doesn't make any sense," the Daily Star quoted him as tweeting.
 "Our police don't use voodoo. No idea who Kevin Sheridan is.
 "Why would Amy appear to strangers?" he said.
 This incident is just the latest blow for the bereaved father. This week he was told that the coroner at Amy's inquest was not fully qualified and the misadventure verdict on his daughter may be invalid. (ANI) Source: NewsTrackIndia

This story follows an earlier piece issued shortly after her death when druggie Pete Doherty claimed Amy was haunting him. See link here: AMY WINEHOUSE RETURNS FROM THE GRAVE TO HAUNT DRUGGIE DOHERTY
It seems that some people will not allow Amy to rest in peace, and no doubt sadly there will be further stories concerning her in the near future.

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