Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Here are a series of three videos showing alleged paranormal activity in a warehouse. The events appear to be shadow form figures and poltergeist activity.

Here are some comments from the poster:

` This video was taken at a warehouse my hubby used to work at and has since closed down. ( Company left state)There has been many experiences, there including a full body apparition that was seen by another employee who thought it was a real person.This video was taken by the security camera around 3:15 A.M. Hubby's boss even called the alarm company to make sure no one had turned off the security code. No doors were ever opened. "

1 of 3 incidents caught on CCTV camera at a warehouse.
A member of " {BA} Paranormal Group " uploaded the original and has kindly given us
permission to reproduce the videos a copy of this permission is available on request.
So a special thanks to " SynfullyWkd67 " for allowing us to reproduce this footage.`

As always, the decision as to it`s authenticity lies with you, the viewer. But interesting to say the very least.

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