Friday, 25 January 2013


A 16th Century manor house said to be among the UK's "most haunted" has been handed over to a trust by Portsmouth City Council.

Wymering Manor has been released by the council with a grant of £30,000 to help towards restoration.

The authority, which owned the building, had said it did not have enough money to carry out repairs.

The Grade II listed house, a favourite with ghosthunters from around the UK, was built around 1581.

Youth hostel
Although most of the building dates from the 16th Century, there are still parts that contain Roman and medieval materials.

A manor house on the site was mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086.

The current building has been a vicarage, home to a Catholic religious order, a family house and most recently a youth hostel between 1960 and 2006.

It is reputed to be haunted by more than 20 ghosts - including a choir of nuns and Sir Roderick of Portchester who was murdered outside the manor in the Middle Ages.

The volunteers of the Wymering Manor Trust are aiming to fully restore the house, estimated at a total cost of more than £500,000.

The leader of Portsmouth City Council, Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said the handover should ensure a "bright and positive future".

Story: BBC

Here is a video of an investigation carried out by Spiral Paranormal and made very professionally by my friend and colleague, Marq English.

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